Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Activities-less Rotator Cuff Surgery

As I said in my last blog there is always something new at our house. The new thing here will be rotator cuff surgery on the 26th of June. Yes that is just two days from now. That means I will not be able to paint, quilt, make jewelry. I will not also be able to mop, iron, cook or vacuum Yea. There will be no driving to the local grocery store, hair dresser or craft store. I have packed away my painting supplies, with sewing machine, my clay, all the jewelry findings and beads. Sounds like a bore. I have kept out the pens to do Zen tangles. I think I will be able to do those after a time. So don’t leave me as I will be posting every now and again some photos of my watercolors In 2008 I did a Job Jar exercise. That means I made a list of 50 commands and cut them into strips and folded them, put them in a jar and every day I would reach my hand in the jar and pull out a command. Whatever those commands said, that is what I would do for that day. It may be a watercolor, or a specific subject in watercolor, oil, a collage. It may be a different technique. I will try to post some of the things I did. I got this exercise from Nita Leland’s book “The Creative Artist” In 2010 I taught my student “Creativity” using some of the lessons I learned from Jane E. Jones. I will try to post some of those photos as well. Today I will give you a sample on a watercolor that got the coveted Grumbacher award. It is given for creativity and imitation. So be blessed to be a blessing