Monday, December 27, 2010

To Be Inspired In 2011

No Photos today, although I bought a new camera 17 mega-pix
Oh my goodness what a awesome Christmas we had and are still having. Our son and his girl friend were here for Christmas day and now the day after Christmas my daughter and husband will be here to celebrate with us. We will probably eat our way through the day smiles
I had a friend some years ago who said “Do not expect and you will not be disappointed”. Sometimes our expectations’ catch us unawares. I haven’t much to say today but I will leave you a link. Be Blessed

Sunday, December 19, 2010

“Use what you have, make it do, or do without”

My grandmother’s name was Annie; you will hear me quote her often. This week is a perfect example of her tutelage:
“Use what you have, wear it out, make it do, or do without”

I love following Lori Anderson. PrettyThings is one her blogs. Not too long ago she mentioned that she had made faux Lapis. I had never thought to make faux Lapis. and told her so that I was so impressed with the thought. I tried to make Lapis from Sculpey Clay. Sculpy does not have a good navy blue so I tried to mix navy blue; I failed to make Lapis and produced what I called faux turquoise. It was not too bad, just not Lapis.

I failed to make Lapis, but I was not daunted. I went to JoAnn’s Fabrics and Crafts and purchased Fimo. I discovered Fimo is not the same as Sculpey. I can put Sculpey in the microwave for 15 seconds and it is soft enough for these arthritics hands to knead, but not Fimo. Fimo became hard and crumbly. So I broke it in to large chunks and continued to bake in a regular oven for a few minutes, then I used Sculpey’s Studio Gloss glaze finish the chunks. Whilst they were still tacky I applied gold leaf flakes. I drilled holes in and made what I call chunk Lapis. I was pleased with the results. And so I created a couple of very different necklaces and earring sets. So I have learned my lesson:

I bought a whole nest of bracelets and I used the copper ones to create bracelets with the chunky Lapis and beads. My husband drilled them to have larger holes.

I went back to JoAnn’s and purchased more Fimo. This time I put the package in my bra to warm-up Just I use to do with my kneading eraser. My desire to make handmade Lapis sculptures of little animal designs. I wanted decorate them to make original pendants. Take a peek:

Other side

My sweet husband tries to do things to make me happy, bless his heart. Last week he went to move a computer floor power strip up from the floor to the side of the desk, so I could reach it. He turned the computer off correctly and moved the switch, but when he turned the computer back on it politely crashed. So we call our computer geek of a nephew to fix it, he came running as he always does. The computer could not be fixed.

We had to buy another computer but the new computer does not have the programs that I am familiar with. I could not get it to make me a new business card for my new Etsy Shop. I mentioned this to my sweet daughter. And behold she made me one and e-mailed it to me. How blessed I am.
On to another front: Last week I told you about celebrating Chap’s 97th birthday. We took photos as you remember. Well, Marie -- one of the really talented students -- took the photo and enlarged it and affixed to a canvas painting apron. I was so pleased and surprised. They brought me a lovely pot of Poinsettias as well. Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS to me
Be Blessed

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Feel Like Erin Brockovich

I Feel Erin Brockovich in the movie of the same name, after she had collected all 650 signatures from the residence in a small town to fight a huge corporation. (And this blog I have tried14 times blogger kept grabbing it away before I was finished). I have just finished posting 22 pieces in my Etsy Shop. It has taken me 5 days. WhewEee , But I am well pleased at how it looks. So take a stroll through my Magpie Treasure Trove.
I call them my Magpie quilts, handbags, and jewelry magpie, because a magpie will pick-up anything that is sparkly and shiny and take it to their nest.

My intentions were to show Image of the Front page of Etsy

That is about all I have accomplished this week. Well I did get the tinny Christmas tree up. I put the little Etsy-bitty-T-Tinny tree on my Bright Red and Green Crazy Quilt to cover a small desk. Then I put out my bling-bling decorated gift boxes as decoration.

I put wreaths up on the front and back doors. I do the back door because everybody comes through our backdoor, as we live on a corner.

At last I put out the porcelain Nativity. I always use the blanket that I brought both my children home from the hospital in for Christmas. I use it as snow to set the Naivety on. That is every Christmas since 1958: Whoa! And, it has been one year since I had a double knee replacement, and now I could climb a tree if I had to, my legs are so strong. Yea.
Be Blessed

Monday, December 13, 2010

I put wreaths up on the front and back doors. I do the back door because everybody comes through our backdoor, as we live on a corner.
At last I put out the porcelain Nativity. I always use the blanket that I brought both my children home from the hospital in for Christmas. I use it as snow to set the Nativity on. That is every Christmas since 1958: Whoa
And, it has been one year since I had a double knee replacement, and now I could climb a tree if I had to, my legs are so strong. Yea.
Be Blessed

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Surprise Surprise Surprise

Plip plop--fizz-fizz (or something like that) Oh what a joy it is to be found for the Treasury on Etsy. On my FIRST DAY in Etsy! How lucky is that?

I had just opened my Etsy Shop. I only had one posting. It was Christmas Crazy Quilt. I have since posted 5 other quilts. I spent the whole day.

That is because I am slow at learning. I still have some quilting creations to post.
Stay tuned I will be posting watercolors and jewelry real soon.
Be Blessed

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just Idle and Babbling

I think this will be the image for my Christmas Card
I have just participated in my first color challenge, and my first blog-hop. How exzellerating is that a word > I am a slow learner but I think I may try it again. I saw lots of candy for the eye. And I got a overload of inspiration. Thanks Erin and Emanda for including me.
Here is another of my creations I just could not decide

This necklace was copper and quartz=+ a little orange red bead with copper foil wrap

This copper and fused glass was one concideration

I have a little man in my painting class, who inspires me so much. He will have his 97th birthday next Friday the 10th of December. He goes to the Trinity Art Guild every Tuesday and paints and critiques others work, although it cost him $30 for a taxi, which is about 3 miles. I pick him up every Friday for my painting class. One of other men students helps me take him home as I cannot lift his wheelchair. He still enters art competitions and he still wins. One year at our annual Art Show we gave him the Energizer Bunny Award. He just keeps on kicking. Is that amazing or what.

He tells me that it too much for us to come get him and take him to class. I tell him as long as he is up and breathing we want him painting.> The class wants to do something special for his birthday, so we are going to give him a card shower.

I am going to Office Depot in the morning, as their sale starts tomorrow, to print a photo of a painting I did for my brother-in-love. He wants to use it for his Christmas card. Since I will be there anyway I offered to have Chap’ (he is, my afore mentioned student) Christmas card printed I just adore him. He is writing his third book. One he wrote was on Art History. He donated his entire Art History book collection to my daughter. She then donated them to North Central Texas College in his name, because she did not have enough room for his collection. She was teaching there at that time.
I have an inflamed bursa in my right shoulder. I am having to keep my elbow close to my side, to try to get the shoulder to heal without surgery. (It is not as much as it should be to advance in years) That makes it difficult to create jewelry, or paint .but t one thing I won’t have to do the ironing.>
Oh well I am just babbling.
Be Blessed

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Color Challenge Blog Hop

Erin Prais-Hintz over at Treasures Found is having a blog hop! We all signed up for a challenge to make a necklace with colors inspired by Paint Store Color Chips. My daughter told me about the challenge and I said I wanted to "play" too, so she cut her sample in two and gave me half. Here is what I did:

The names of the colors are Jaunty Red, Perfect Harmony, Worn Sail (beige), and Bauhaus Gold.
Check out my daughter's blog too (Artemisia's Studio).
Leave a comment on her blog for a random drawing (deadline will be Midnight Sunday December 5th). The winner will receive something special from her, just for you.

Here's the list of the rest of the incredibly talented Jewelry Artists who are participating in the challenge.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wonderful Thanksgiving on to Advent

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I made everyone’s favorite dish. It took me three days. And, this someone who declared when she turned 60 years of age, that she was old enough to say “I don’t do food.” I honestly don’t think about it. I would rather paint, make jewelry or quilt. I set the table with my best china and crystal, bought the wine. I prepared for 6, but the weather prevented our daughter from coming and our nephew was off hunting. That left us and our son. What made the day so wonderful was attitude. I was determined to a great day, and just know everyone were where they suppose to be. After dinner we spoke to our son’s girlfriend in St.Petersburg, Russia by way of Skype, I did the dishes as it was my best china. Then we had a movie on our big 5ftX8ft screen. Then I declared it was “Pie Time” We had pie then we watched another movie and had another “Pie Time”
I have gone ballistic over copper.

I have gone ballistic over copper.

I took Erin’s @ , color challenge that my daughter shared with me when we went to the bead marker. Also I wanted to use the beads she had shared with me. ‘They were stone crosses’. I simply could not get into the crossed. But I tried. While trying I spied heavy copper wire on my work table, then I was off and running. I will show you the process.

Sometimes design is a process off elimination. My daughter would say Mom “Less is More” I wrapped the focal stone with copper foil and the red bead with copper foil. I then went to JoAnn’s for a copper chain and found a treasure of copper beads. I am very pleased with the results,

You know that in this economy copper is the new gold!

While my daughter was here for the bead market she set me up on Etsy. But I cannot find the place to add items. I have put my profile in twice but it does not show up. So I need more tutoring.
Google image

So, watch for my creations on Etsy At;.
Be Blessed

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day With My Daughter

I just had a wonderful Saturday with my daughter. I really believe any day spent with my daughter is a awesome day. On this Saturday we went to the Fort Worth Bead Show.Erin at TreasuresFound had given a color challenge, so we used the color swatch as our starting place. Our color swatch was on the warm side of the color wheel. Before we went downtown we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards and took a peek in Brazos Bead Collection.

I Thought all I need was findings, but of course I was totally impressed with the treasures we found there. I needed 8mm lapis but they were not at Brazos so I figured I would get them at the Bead Show. But when I found them at the Bead Show I thought I remembered purchasing them at Brazos, now I still nee3ed 8mm lapis beads, oh well another day.

I had won a Subway gift certificate on Thursday and planned to buy lunch and eat in Forest Park the weather has been incredible. However the Subway shop wasn’t there anymore so we ate at the Burger King. I will just save the gift certificate until our next Fabulous Saturday. And oh I thought I had taken plenty of money but I spent every cent I did not even have the taxes for my last purchase. The vendor took pity on me smiles.

We got a lot of good stuff! smiles
When we got the Bead Show we determined that we would look all round the room then zigzag thru the room before we bought. Well that did not happen. I started it with the purchase of silver chains

I have a commission for a black necklace. I have decided to use Cloisonné. They are not easy to find. I had spent nearly all my money before I found them. But alas I did and they are beautiful

On Thursday there was a Thanksgiving Luncheon at the Senior Center. The director allowed some of the Senior Craft Fair vendors set up in another room since there would be a big crowd and the turnout was so dreary at the Craft Fair. I did OK I had three sales. I sold bracelets and an earring necklace set.
Be Blessed

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Serendipitous Week

As I mentioned to you last week I altered some of my jewelry pieces for a customer. Well she came to retrieve them yesterday. She had asked me to design a bracelet for her soon to be daughter-in-love. I made two and matching earrings. She was pleased with one bracelet but nixed the earrings which was OK with me I can sell them for more than I was asking for the whole set>

There are several things to do before we travel to Lubbock Texas for our final Friends Reunion. I say final because we have had 2 funerals since we were all together at a 50th wedding Anniversary celebration in 2007.We are a group of neighbors that met in 1961 and became a family. Our families were non-extent at that time. We were all young with no money and lots of kids. So we entertained ourselves doing one another’s hair and nails.> We went thru many really hard times together. Some were life threatening that were very stressful. When we began to move on in our separate lives we were scattered across the nation. But we remained close. We have had many reunions and are now up to 4 generations. But this reunion will be just the original couples. We celebrated our 4th, 5th, and 6th wedding anniversaries together and then our 50th anniversaries together. Awesome don’t you think?
My Image did not work sorry
We will want to share our persimmons with them, so we got out yesterday and harvested some to take with us. I have to do my hair. It is so funny, when our families are coming I make sure everything is in tip-top shape, but when it is the 61st Street Gang I do nothing because they have seen me at my absolute worst, and my best.>

Yesterday the weather was just wonderful so I had three friends over to paint on the patio. I know we will not have many more days like that.

I am also trying to get the quilt top so I can show Dotty and Mina my latest project since Dotty gave me the cut work that inspired the quilt. And Mina is a avid quilter. Funny the only thing we did when we were young was watch the kids and wipe their noses and their-- I would not trade being a stay-at-home-mom for all the tea in China. We feel so blessed that our children grew up to be such fine citizen. Anyway Be Blessed!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Treading The Waters of Beading

I am on the trail of follow-up from the Craft Fair. I had one customer who was very petite l. She really loved one of my three color crystal sets but the bracelet was a seven and half inch and she took a 7inch I told her I would re-size it, which meant that I had to restring the bracelet.

Also she really loved the copper + abalone but it was too long for her as I said she was petite. Well because I was so easy to deal with she ordered a custom bracelet for her daughter-in-love to be. I have been busy today designing two lavender bracelets. She wanted them to be delicate. I also designed earrings to match.

Also while I was visiting my friend in Smithvile TX I promised her I would re-string her amethyst necklace. It was a 36 inches strand. She is also petite. Because I added seed beads every third bead I had enough to make a two strand necklace and bracelet and earrings to match.

Tell me what would have done. Comments please
Be Blessed