Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time Flies

I have just finished participating in the third annual Craft Fair for the senior activity center this week-end. It was much better attended this year than last year. Each year the Craft Fair gets better. I don’t think there was very much sales revenue however this year. Maybe next year.

I have been wondering just how we would get thru October, we had so many commitments, but we made it.And my husband had his big 8-O birthday. Now here it is November. Our son is getting married the 19th , in St. Petersburg, Russia, and then it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then 2012. How does time go so fleetingly fast? I am just wondering what ever happened to January.

We have been having such wonderful fall weather. Makes you want to sing and dance. My husband has piped music to our patio . I danced all by myself for about three hours on our patio last week. google image

Be blessed to be a blessing.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Virtual Craft Show Coming Soon

I will be participating in the VIRTUAL CRAFT SHOW sponsored by
Lori Anderson Coming Soon 70 artist Starting on November 26th thru December 3rd Be Sure to drop by, visit often, and do your Christmas Shopping.
I will also be in a craft show at the senior’s activity center where I teach all media painting on Saturday October 29th. I have spent the whole week getting everything tweaked and priced ready to sell.

Our Celebration of Friendships was full of surprises. The friend we were going to cheer-up because we thought she was depressed, died of cancer while everyone was here. We found out one and half weeks before the event that she had cancer of the lungs, and then she was gone. I took her a lovely quilt on a Tuesday said it was a prayer quilt. When the girls arrived on Thursday we went to see her and she had totally changed and was gone on Saturday morning. I was so grateful that I had planned a Bar-B-Q for Saturday afternoon, because that gave the husband and his 6 son and their wives and grandsons a place to be and eat and be loved on by us.
Be blessed to be a blessing

Monday, October 10, 2011


google image
It was in the fall of 1961 that we all met. We were all young couples with lots of children and no money, but we were happy. We girls were all stay at home moms back then. So we use to entertain ourselves by doing each other’s hair and nails, drinking coffee and playing endless games of canasta. We have supported each other in lots of life’s crisis. Crisis, like very sick children, husbands in Vietnam and heart attacks and little everyday dramas. Our children have all grown up considering the 61st families as aunts, uncles and cousins. Our own families were non-existent. We were from the far reaches of the USA. North and South, We just became a family. My daughter would say a Chosen Family. Well, we are celebrating our 50 years of friendship this week. One family is coming from central Texas, one from west Texas, another from Chattanooga, Tennessee, two from the DFW metro-plex. The last time we were all here for our bi-yearly reunions we took photos of 4 generations. At one time we were 5 generations strong. We take turns gathering in each other’s area. We celebrated 4th.5th.and 7,th wedding anniversaries. We have now celebrated all of our 50th wedding anniversaries. So it seems right that we should celebrate 50 years of friendship. We have lost two of our guys

I am going to be in a craft fair in two weeks. I have been making Christmas earrings and bracelets.

Be Blessed to be a blessing