Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My precious little daughter-in-love wanted to make Thanksgiving dinner. Which, I was pleased as punch to let her do. I don’t know if Russians have a similar holiday as Thanksgiving. She loves to cook and I don’t. My daughter and I brought some the side dishes. Which, lessened the labor for my daughter-in-love. We had great togetherness. We were to watch a movie but we were having such a great time that we never got around to a movie.
As you are well aware, Black Friday biting on the tail of Thanksgiving Day. My daughter-in-love just could not imagine how bad it could be and wanted to go shopping. I cannot deny her so we went shopping on Black Friday. I never have before and never shall again.

I know that we are going to have a baby girl I decided to buy fabric for baby blankets. I chose several bolts of pink flannel to make blankets. We waited for a full one hour and half just to get our fabric cut. The bargains were great. I spent the last two days making blankets.
I had my final Doctors visit from my rotator-cuff surgery on Monday Yea, and I survived the rigorous rehab. I still have several months of strengthening exercises as yet. I will Lord willing make it, yet

Be blessed to be a blessing

Sunday, November 11, 2012


It has been a little over a month since I have posted. That is because nothing much is happening. Thanks for checking in. I am at the near end of my recovery from rotator-cuff surgery. I am still doing an hour physical therapy every morning and I have gotten great results. Actually it has been kind of like watching paint dry around here but I will try to fill you in on some the things I have been doing. After nearly three years I have been able to use my sewing machine. I can now lift my arms. I have been designing and making maternity fashions for my daughter-in-love I have made earrings and a bracelet to match the dressier set. She is four months now. I call her Sweet Pea because she is as sweet as peas. My images are from Google. I tried to enlarge them but alas I failed
Some of my student and I went to the Southwest Baptist Seminary University in Fort Worth TX last week to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. What an awesome exhibit. There was one scroll that was 22 feet long. It was from Isaiah. Written hundreds of years before Christ and there are no notable difference from it to the 2100 century St. Johns Bible, except in spelling in translation. That just blew me away. If you get a chance to go to an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls, do! After the exhibit we all went out to lunch.
My husband and I have been exploring the train that runs between Dallas and Fort Worth. We also are learning to use the DART train to go to the Southern Methodist University to check on our insurance. There have been many changes in our insurances this year, so it was smart to check it out. While we were at the University we checked out the Meadows Museum. They have the best Spanish art exhibit this side of Barcelona Spain. I intend to get my students to go on some adventures on the train and check out the Dallas Museum of Fine Art and the Trammel Crowe Asian Art Museum, in Dallas and the the Amon Carter American Art in Fort Worth now that I know how easy it is to use the transit system. I have bee taking computer classes. I thought I needed to brush up on Windows since it has been years since I took classes. I also took Windows 7 taught in Windows 10 :^) I will have to take that one again since it is a massive program and my computer is giving me a headache. I could not do any of the home work. Be blessed to be a blessing