Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hipped Hop Happy Easter

Well that BLOG HOP of artist donating 7000 bracelets for HOPE was exciting. With 112 artists participating I got over loaded with eye candy, it took me three days to visit them all. Now we have HIPPEDY HOP. I had a friend over the other day for a sleep over. She thought it would be fun to dye eggs and decorate them. I think she had visions of grandeur, inspired by by Martha Stewart , I thought it would be fun as well. Some years ago my daughter ( Artemisiea’sStudio ) did a demonstration of Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs for my art club. So I whooped out my jaunting tool. I was going to show my friend the process of dying eggs with resist. NOT &^&&%$^&* OMG what a mess we made. Here are our sad result. But we had lots of laughs and giggles.

Here is what they were suppose to look like (Yah right) These are a photo of the eggs my daughter did as she did demonstrations on the ancient technique of Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs , I think they are just awesome.

Some years ago I painted these ceramic eggs. I have a nice egg collection but I have them packed away. I am too lazy to get it out.

This week I made two pieces of jewelry. I used beads that Jennifer Pride,( My bead swap partner), sent me. The necklace is pink Swarovski crystal and purple fire polished Czech glass beads. I separated the bead bars with one inch of silver chain.

To create the bracelet the bracelet I used fused glass that I used copper designs in the glass they are lovely. I used pewter separator beads that are equipped to use a dangle. I used deep purple Swarovski beads on each side of the pewter. I put little pink glass hearts as the dangles .On the back of the fused glass I glued pewter disk beads hammered flat. I used silver findings

Be Blessed

Friday, April 15, 2011


Genes and Jeans 7000 Bracelets Project We were ask to send a message of hope to the parents of these little tykes. My message was as follows: Miracles** some skeptics say, “Oh, the miracles, I can’t accept miracles.” One may drop a brown seed in a black soil and up comes a green shoot. You let grow and by and by you pull up its root and you find it red. You cut the red root and find it had a white heart. Can any one tell how this comes about.—how brown cast into black results in green and then in red and white? Yet you eat your radish without troubling your mind over miracles. Men are not distressed by miracles in the dining room; they reserve them all for religion ! ------- Bryon. Expect a Miracle I copied this poem on white parchment and stitched it to denim, then glued it to matt board. I then packed the bracelet and poem in a clear bag.

One bracelet was made of sculpty clay, mixed to look like lapis. I got my inspiration to make lapis from LoriAnderson. I mixed gold leaf in into the navy blue clay for the effect of lapis. I used pewter beads with provision for a dangle bead. I used silver findings The second bracelet was made with pewter flowerets with blue crystals in the center. I used silver findings. I am #41 and my daughter is #45. Emanda Johnson She had wanted to particiate, but, it didn't happen.

Be Blessed

Bracelet Blog Hop Since I do not know how to add all the links I am just leaving Lori Andersons' link [Here]

Sunday, April 10, 2011


It is TAX week. We were suppose to get our taxes figured on Saturday. NOT. I have always had a system of collecting all the paper work in a designated spot. And never worried about it. We just pick up the folder and cruised on down to the Tax Man. Well on Saturday I went to the spot and No No No No the paperwork wasn’t there! We started a major search. My husband was ready to ship me off th the Alzheimer’s Unit I really did not know where to look as it wasn’t where I always kept it. But I can tell you this house got a major clean sweep! I had little piles of papers, greeting cards, birth announcements and the like here and there, well no more. But I did finally find the tax paper work. I had laid a stack of Beading Magazines sideways on top of the books in the book shelf and somehow the tax folder was under them. Now, good news. I finished my bracelets for the 7000 Bracelets for The Genes for Jeans project for children with Rare Diseases. In the Post Box on Friday I received such a surprise. There was a package From my swap partner. Jennifer Pride. And In that was 9 little bags ---

there was a package And in those little packages were lovely beads. It was like Jenn wanted to cook up a yummy bead soup. There was a Tablespoon of this one and a tablespoon of that one and a teaspoon of one and a pinch of that one. Oh my goodness what fun I had opening them My brain is spinning. I can think of at least two designs I would love to make. Then there was what I sent to her. Red milk glass beads like cherries and a red cloisonne egg pendant with a red glass closure. Be Blessed

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amazing Technology-The Eye

Well Here I am at the http://NetherlyEyeclinic in Fort Worth Texasmy husband. We are, at long last going to do the THING. Have the cataracts removed on the right eye today there will be another surgery on the left eye in three weeks. I think it is just amazing the leaps in technology that has been made in the last few years. He will be able to see without glasses. That is amazing.

google image

I don't have photographs this week sorry
I can only report a failure for this week’s creativity. I rescued some ceramic green ware beads from the senior center. I thought I could fire them and glaze them and use them. NOT. I don’t know what I don’t know. For some odd reason when I put the final (clear) glaze on when fired they turned to a yuck gray. So I can only view this experience as a learning lesson. BUY YOUR BEADS it took me three days to get this mess. I was going to photograph them but they went and hid in my BLACK HOLE >
In my painting class we had a grand time I introduced a month’s time of experimenting with ABSTRACTION. Our annual Art Show and Sale will be in May so we wanted to do something different. After. I gave the students a handout then showed them examples on my computer of abstraction they went wild making pictures. It was a success.
Last week I taught composition by using templates. I did it on a full sheet of 300lb watercolor paper. I finished it at home. I framed it and failed to photograph it before it was framed. I can tell you it was a success as well. I have it hanging in the Senior Center for a month so it will be a while before it will be photographed. I sometimes get ahead of myself (often) >
Be Blessed