Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amazing Technology-The Eye

Well Here I am at the http://NetherlyEyeclinic in Fort Worth Texasmy husband. We are, at long last going to do the THING. Have the cataracts removed on the right eye today there will be another surgery on the left eye in three weeks. I think it is just amazing the leaps in technology that has been made in the last few years. He will be able to see without glasses. That is amazing.

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I don't have photographs this week sorry
I can only report a failure for this week’s creativity. I rescued some ceramic green ware beads from the senior center. I thought I could fire them and glaze them and use them. NOT. I don’t know what I don’t know. For some odd reason when I put the final (clear) glaze on when fired they turned to a yuck gray. So I can only view this experience as a learning lesson. BUY YOUR BEADS it took me three days to get this mess. I was going to photograph them but they went and hid in my BLACK HOLE >
In my painting class we had a grand time I introduced a month’s time of experimenting with ABSTRACTION. Our annual Art Show and Sale will be in May so we wanted to do something different. After. I gave the students a handout then showed them examples on my computer of abstraction they went wild making pictures. It was a success. http://GalleryDirect.com
Last week I taught composition by using templates. I did it on a full sheet of 300lb watercolor paper. I finished it at home. I framed it and failed to photograph it before it was framed. I can tell you it was a success as well. I have it hanging in the Senior Center for a month so it will be a while before it will be photographed. I sometimes get ahead of myself (often) >
Be Blessed

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