Friday, July 20, 2012


It has been 22 days since rotator-cuff surgery. I was going great guns until I over extended myself and now I am having a little set back. I am an over achiever I (can’t hepp-it) I have been doing zentangles. I have made 8 birthday cards while recovering. I made personalizes card with each name. I promised to give you samples of the things I have been teaching. Last week I gave the Seven Color Contrast This week I will give you examples of the things I taught about Pictorial originations. Some were, Vertical Bars, horizontal bars. curvilinear . oblique , static, cruciform Straight to curve. F.C.squared All od these are creative way to organize a painting F.C.squared Found competation in confusion Curivinular
Vertical Bars
Be blessed to be a blessing

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hello out there. Well it has been thirteen days since rotator-cuff surgery. I am doing so well. I have just about worked off all medication. I am still sleeping in the chair however but maybe in a night or two I will be back in my bed. Thanks for staying with me. I had thought I would be able to do more with my hand than I have been able to. I have created three ZenTangle birthday cards. But it took more than a day to do each one. I promised to give you photos of some of my previous creations. In 2006 I wrote a design Notebook. In the book there was a segment about the seven color contrasts: as stated below. Contrast of COMPLEMENTRY COLOR Definition: Using the color plus it’s complement the12 color wheel Contrast of SATURATION COLOR Using the color and it’s complement to gray a color or to set a color in a gray plane. Contrast of HUE Definition: Checkerboard the colors and separating them with white or black
Contrast of WARM Verses COOL Definition Using warm colors and cool colors Contrast of EXTENTION Definition: Using balance of color as in it takes 20% yellow to balance 90% purple, It takes 40% orange to balance 80% blue It takes 50% green to balance 50% red
Contrast of VALUE: Definition: Using lightest value to the darkest value on the value scale
Contrast of SAMALTANIOUS Definition: Using the dominate color + the color to the right or to the left of the complement.
Be blessed to be a blessing