Friday, January 18, 2013


I haven't blogged much recently. My left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, and to tell the truth my computer has been giving me a headache Not much happening here anyway. We had a wonderful Holiday, but glad to be back to the daily stuff. I have been teaching my painting class nearing 14 years and I have a brain drain. To remedy that I have been letting the students lend a hand by taking a month each to demonstrate something new or a new technique. It has been so much fun and educational. This past Friday one of my students (who by the way has just retired from Dallas Community Colleges after 40 years) did a collage workshop. He was so organized just like a professional should be. He had great examples to show and concise instructions. He brought loads of stuff to use in collage. Things like gum and candy wrappers and corrugated cardboard paint and glue and on and on. Some of the students took this opportunity to clear out some of their stash and supplies as well. Because everything is a potential art supply don't you know, we tend to get backlogged with stuff. The class was like a hive of bees. The room was charged with creative energy. The energy was tangible. The day was awesome. This class is my salvation. Here are some photos I took of the class as they were running over with joy and creativity.
Since I am a collage junlie I brought some of the collages that I have done thru the years. The bold colored one with bright red flowers was given the Best of Show in the Texas State Fair. fr
This one I have just finished.It is for a friend who councels hurting souls. It illistrates Isaiah 62:3 I call it the exchange scripture.
Be blessed to be a blessing