Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am so excited to have received my yummy soup from Diane Wilty at Lilyweed. She a ceramists from Kentucky. I have made my creation and can,but hardly wait to show you. I have also been putting my watercolors on Ebay and Pintrest and Twitter and CreigList. All of which is a lot of clerical work and I am not the least bit clerical. I mean really I would rather paint and create jewelry and quilts :^) Be blessed to be a blessing

Sunday, February 10, 2013

7th Bead Soup blog Hop Tease

I do not understand how to navigate the new Blogger format, so I can’t put the Bead Soup Blog Hop button on my blog. However I am very excited to be participating in the 7th. Diane Welty is my partner. Diane loves in Kentucky. Her blog is Lillyweeds. I have sent her soup. I hope she will like. I had purchased the primary beads earlier in the year. Because of their intense color I had a time finding a focal that would be pleasing and complement the primary beads. So I rummaged thru my stash of Dichoric glass focal and fused one of the beads to it. Here is a little tease:
Be blessed to be a blessing

Monday, February 4, 2013

Fun Quilts

While at the DALLAS QUILT SHOW last March I purchased a variety of blue and yellow fabrics with the intentions of making a small quilt. I had no idea which pattern I would use. So for a few months while I have been recovering from shoulder surgery the fabric has been stewing in my mind. I could not decide just whated to do. All I knew I wanted to re-decorate my bedroom with blue and yellow. At the quilt show I saw a really unique quilt. Each square was a doll dress with a crazy quilt square in the center. I have decided to use that inspiration to make my quilt, only for the center to re-create a watercolor of a merry-go-round and country school. The merry-go-round was built by my father-in-love back in the ‘30’s from recycled cooling pipes for an ice company. The school was a little country school that mother-in-love taught at back in the early 1900’s. The name of the school was Mt. Hope. Back in the days of her teaching a teacher could not be married. (We have come a long way baby!) image of squares Here you will find photos of the squares before they are assembled each one is an original. I did not have just a thought. They are not anything like the quilt I saw at the quilt show. That one was only an. inspiration I just used bits and pieces of fabric and lace. I may embellish with floral embroidery.
Since I am about to be a grandmother for the first time (yea) I have designed a quilt for my granddaughter, who is due on April 8th Here you will see what I came up with I am pleased with the results ing