Monday, July 26, 2010

I Love Jewlry in July

Found it. I had miss placed my word processor. I found it by going to “MY COMPUTER” and clicking on program files and on and on. Computers give me a pain in the puttootie!
I have been busy making lovely jewelry. I made beaded necklaces ear rings and bracelets to match., from the beads that my daughter and I found at the bead marker. . One is aqua crystals with paraidot (sp) and gold crystals as accents another was two tone blue one light bead another dark very shiny with Chinese porcelain beads as accents. Another was turquoise ogee beads with lappis 6 mm beads as accent. This set I made bracelet, ear rings, and ring to match very stunning

A friend gave me some little abalone shell oblong pieces, apparently they had been a watch band for a man because there were so many of them. They were graduated in size. I had some copper foil tape from years ago when I was into stained glass work. I made the decision to wrap the pieces in copper. I joined the pieces together with a piece of plastic egg carton and 6000 glue I just happened to have some very heavy copper wire scrapes so I used it to make a cuff bracelet and a wire bridge to suspend the abalone copper wrapped pieces from. So I had enough abalone copper wrap pieces to make ear rings a cuff bracelet and a designer necklace. I had some turquoise giblet beads left over from my acorn bead days. I took some round flat beads that in their former life were the legs and arms of a bead doll. I strung them turquoise small wooden bead large wooden bead small wooden bead then turquoise giblets, until got half-way then I strung the wooden beads graduating to make a ball then more giblets ,then a large turquoise bead in the very middle. I made ear rings to match. Pretty good for a week’s work/playing, if I do say so myself and I do >

Monday, July 19, 2010

Univercity Of Practical Experience

Sorry No Photos This Week
I am in a learning mode. My computer is on the defunct so I took everything out of my documents and stored them on a flash drive. To make a very long story short. I seem to have lost my word processor program. I am writing this in a something I know nothing about.

On another front I am trying to learn about fusing glass. I have a really old kiln. It belonged to a little 94 year young lady who was in my China Painting class. I used to go get her (25) mile round trip, and take her to class. Her husband bought the kiln for her back in the 50's. When she died I in a round about way got her kiln.
It has no controls or thermostat, Nada. So I am flying by the seat of my pants by-gosh-by-golly !Last week I made some several pieces . Lots of glass cutting and so on. They turned out beautiful.
On the week-end my daughter and I went to a bead market to find some findings. I spent a ton of money but, did not find what I was really looking for in the way of bezels. On Sunday my husband and I went to see his sister in a assisted living home near us. During the conversation she told me about a necklace she had purchased in Jamaica back in the 60's. when she showed it to me WALA! I saw what I could use instead of bezels. The pieces were painted with gold luster. Well knowing me I tried it. As I said before I am in a learning mode. I was into China Painting some years ago, and just happened to have gold luster. I thought I was so smart. I used white crayon as a resist , to keep the gold luster in a straight line. Well it did not work. To my great surprise the crayon etched the glass during the firing. Ruined every piece. >:) So sad; But I am not daunted I have lots of glass. If any of you have suggestions comment to me on my blog I would love to hear from you especially YOU
Be Blessed

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Being Inventive

I changed gears this week. The trouble with me is that I just don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Well, I may never grow up. Smiles

I have been wanting to do some fused glass for some time. I have been waiting for my daughter to come down and play with me but life keeps getting in the way, so I just jumped in there this week and cut some dichrquoce sp glass for making some jewelry pieces for fun. I made 6 pieces of glass. From the fused pieces I made two rings by using some bracelets that I no longer wear. I made 4 pendants. I took the pieces that I had finished to my art class. To my great surprise I sold one ring and took commissions for three pendants.

Now that I have the jewelry making bug again, (It comes on every once in a while,) I decided to go to some garage sales and buy old jewelry to disassemble to be used for findings. I was in luck. I had only to stop at one. It was huge! The person just happened to be in the secondhand business and had many brand new fashions, but ugly pieces of jewelry. I brought it home and spent several hours taking it apart.

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Way for the 4th

July 4th My favorite holiday. There is no expectations from anyone. We fly our flag so proudly and thankfully. We are so thankful for all our blessings.

On Friday, my Seniors Art Class had a fun time. I demonstrated a painting using spray bottles and squirt bottles and lots of water, Inspired by my new to do art book by Nita Engle’s . HOW TO MAKE A WATERCOLOR PAINT ITSELF I have a bit to learn but it was real fun.We celebrated by having a in the kitchen picnic, we had everything you would have at a picnic including the red and white checkered tablecloth but the ants, and we were cool. Our daughter and her husband came down. We celebrated his birthday and our 54th Anniversary. They brought us a beautiful flower arrangement of red roses and oriental star gazes. We had a great time we laughed and laughed. Laughter is good like a medicine. (Proverbs)