Monday, July 26, 2010

I Love Jewlry in July

Found it. I had miss placed my word processor. I found it by going to “MY COMPUTER” and clicking on program files and on and on. Computers give me a pain in the puttootie!
I have been busy making lovely jewelry. I made beaded necklaces ear rings and bracelets to match., from the beads that my daughter and I found at the bead marker. . One is aqua crystals with paraidot (sp) and gold crystals as accents another was two tone blue one light bead another dark very shiny with Chinese porcelain beads as accents. Another was turquoise ogee beads with lappis 6 mm beads as accent. This set I made bracelet, ear rings, and ring to match very stunning

A friend gave me some little abalone shell oblong pieces, apparently they had been a watch band for a man because there were so many of them. They were graduated in size. I had some copper foil tape from years ago when I was into stained glass work. I made the decision to wrap the pieces in copper. I joined the pieces together with a piece of plastic egg carton and 6000 glue I just happened to have some very heavy copper wire scrapes so I used it to make a cuff bracelet and a wire bridge to suspend the abalone copper wrapped pieces from. So I had enough abalone copper wrap pieces to make ear rings a cuff bracelet and a designer necklace. I had some turquoise giblet beads left over from my acorn bead days. I took some round flat beads that in their former life were the legs and arms of a bead doll. I strung them turquoise small wooden bead large wooden bead small wooden bead then turquoise giblets, until got half-way then I strung the wooden beads graduating to make a ball then more giblets ,then a large turquoise bead in the very middle. I made ear rings to match. Pretty good for a week’s work/playing, if I do say so myself and I do >

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