Monday, July 19, 2010

Univercity Of Practical Experience

Sorry No Photos This Week
I am in a learning mode. My computer is on the defunct so I took everything out of my documents and stored them on a flash drive. To make a very long story short. I seem to have lost my word processor program. I am writing this in a something I know nothing about.

On another front I am trying to learn about fusing glass. I have a really old kiln. It belonged to a little 94 year young lady who was in my China Painting class. I used to go get her (25) mile round trip, and take her to class. Her husband bought the kiln for her back in the 50's. When she died I in a round about way got her kiln.
It has no controls or thermostat, Nada. So I am flying by the seat of my pants by-gosh-by-golly !Last week I made some several pieces . Lots of glass cutting and so on. They turned out beautiful.
On the week-end my daughter and I went to a bead market to find some findings. I spent a ton of money but, did not find what I was really looking for in the way of bezels. On Sunday my husband and I went to see his sister in a assisted living home near us. During the conversation she told me about a necklace she had purchased in Jamaica back in the 60's. when she showed it to me WALA! I saw what I could use instead of bezels. The pieces were painted with gold luster. Well knowing me I tried it. As I said before I am in a learning mode. I was into China Painting some years ago, and just happened to have gold luster. I thought I was so smart. I used white crayon as a resist , to keep the gold luster in a straight line. Well it did not work. To my great surprise the crayon etched the glass during the firing. Ruined every piece. >:) So sad; But I am not daunted I have lots of glass. If any of you have suggestions comment to me on my blog I would love to hear from you especially YOU
Be Blessed

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  1. A bead show! Then you have to come see my latest post about bead shows!

    Good luck with both the computer, the bezels (have you tried Objects and Elements?), and the kiln.