Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh for a Retreat

I was reading Erin’s blog where she spoke about going on retreats. How much it refreshes you and fills you with the desire to grow in your creativity. You do not have to go to an expensive place and spend tons of money. Get a friend or two together go to a quite place and encourage one another by bring along some new to share. Erin’sblog put me in mind of the retreat I and one of my students put together in 2009. Eight students and I went to Steamboat Springs Colorado for a week to paint. One of the students had access to a 3 story Condominium, with a spa and everything you can think of a huge kitchen and wonderful fireplace.
Since I was the leader for the painting part of the retreat, I took art supplies in all media.

I wrote the activity plan. Since we all work in a different media, I started with how and when to use our sketch book. I had exercises in drawing then, went into other media, as in pastels, watercolor, and charcoal. We painted beside the river one day.

We went on camera safari.

We hiked up to the waterfalls,

and we searched all the art galleries in town.

Each of us was responsible for a dinner. Everyone out did themselves with their appointed dinner. I made soup and salad I don’t do food :>) well. Also one student did a tutorial on how to build mobiles. This is what we ordered from an artist in Arizona, for the host gift, a doctor friend who lives in Houston, who graciously gave us the use of his Condominium for our retreat. Another taught tatting,(which I never could get my tongue untangled from around my eyetooth) to learn and another was determined to teach me to knit socks. :>) In the evening we did sing-alongs and danced. I was totally refreshed and filled with joy when I returned home.
On other occasions another friend and I use to go to their lake home and paint for a week at a time. We were earnest about becoming good watercolorist. Well maybe. We did a lot of 5 minute sketches and color studies. We practiced our technique. We would go on camera safaris’ and eat fast food. We laughed a lot. I always felt so refreshed when I got home.
I very often have friends over to paint on my patio.

Be Blessed to be a blessing.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Think Cool Thoughts

Let's just see just what makes us feel cool, I'm thinking



Swimming Pool

Ice Cold Watermenon


Mint Julep

Frozen Yogurt

All images are from GOOGLE IMAGES

Now find a cool place and think cool thoughts
Take a peek at my new creations
Be Blessed to be a blessing

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Very Wide Field of Intrest

I haven’t gone out much this week, but I have spent several days posting new items on my Etsy Shops, Etsy. Do take a peek .Links on the side bar. It is just too hot to go out, but I did go with a friend last week to her Physical Therapy appointment in far Fort Worth and then we drove over to see a mutual friend who lives in the area, for a time of giggles. Later we went to the Flying Fish for lunch, yummy.
In the stash that I bought from Ebay, there were 24 little watches. I have been decorating the backs and using them as pendants.

I am still experimenting with ceramics. I did some intaglio designs on little 1 1/2 squares. The designs were nice, but true to form I ruined them with the glaze .
I noticed in the papers this week that there is an exhibit of

John Singer Sergeant at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth. It will be there until October 9th. I hope to go see the exhibit. I had a portrait artist, Greg Cartmell, come to my shop for a week long seminar, whose father studied under John Singer Sergeant. I have always admired his work. Take a peek at Greg’s and John’s work.

Little Dorothy is my favorite John Singer Sargent

Be Blessed to be a blessing

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


If you knew me well you would know that I am forever asking myself ”What if” What if I did this or that. Or what if I tried this that. What if I used this color or that color and so on. One day as I was pealing one dozen boiled eggs I ask myself what would happen if I glued these shells to a surface and used it as texture. My idea was to use oil paint. I used different blues and a variety of yellows to make the variety of greens. I am thinking what if I use a dark glaze over the whole surface to make the painting look like it was really old. I am still pondering the idea. At any rate I have to wait for the painting to dry

I was so pleased to receive a beautiful bead swap package from Deana Hagar this week.

Be Blessed to be a blessing

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Experimenting With Ceramic Beads

I have been experimenting with ceramic beads this week. My kiln is very old I really. It is a hand-me-down, from a friend who started china painting in the late 50’s. When she passed on to her reward, her kiln came to me. It has not one scintilla of controls on it so I have to fly by the “seat of my pants” so I fired one bead for one and a half house. All of the decals were fired off “nada”. So I fire the next ones one hour and 15 minutes. Some of the decals survived. So, I had saved the best to last. I fired those fifty minutes, just right. Like “Little Red Riding Hood” I am going to use one of the beads with some of the beads I received from Jennifer Pride.

As it turns out I used some of the square lampwork with enclosed rose beads that came in the five pounds of lampwork beads that I got from Ebay.
Here are some of the experiment

Be Blessed to be a blessing

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

I reading Lori Anderson’s blog Pretty Things this week as I always do. She mentioned that we could feature people we admire in our blog in a way to gain followers. I thought that was a really good idea. Well, this week one of my students donated books and magazines as she is cleaning out her stash. While going through, I came upon a book by one of my favorite poets, Helen Steiner Rice. The book poem's title God Bless America. In it I found a poem "Independence Day". I was inspired to be the best that I could be. Here it is:

GOD BLESS AMERICA and keep her strong and free,
Safe from “all our enemies” wherever they may be.
For enemies are forces that often dwell within,
Things that seem so harmless become a major sin,
Little acts of selfishness grow into lust and greed
And make the love of power our idol and creed…
For all our wealth and progress are as
Worthless as can be
Without the faith that made us great
And kept our nation free,
And while bit’s hard to understand the
Complexities of war,
Each one of us must realize that we are fighting for
The principals of freedom and decency of man,
But all of this must be achieved according to God’s plan
So help us as Americans to search deep down inside
And discover if the things we do are always justified,
And teach us to walk humbly and closer in Thy ways
And give us faith and courage
And put purpose in our days,
And make each one of us aware that each
Must do his part
For in the individual is where peace must
Have its start.
For a better world to live in where all are
Safe and free
Must start with faith and hope
And love deep in the heart of “me”

Have a blessed Fourth of July!