Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Experimenting With Ceramic Beads

I have been experimenting with ceramic beads this week. My kiln is very old I really. It is a hand-me-down, from a friend who started china painting in the late 50’s. When she passed on to her reward, her kiln came to me. It has not one scintilla of controls on it so I have to fly by the “seat of my pants” so I fired one bead for one and a half house. All of the decals were fired off “nada”. So I fire the next ones one hour and 15 minutes. Some of the decals survived. So, I had saved the best to last. I fired those fifty minutes, just right. Like “Little Red Riding Hood” I am going to use one of the beads with some of the beads I received from Jennifer Pride.

As it turns out I used some of the square lampwork with enclosed rose beads that came in the five pounds of lampwork beads that I got from Ebay.
Here are some of the experiment

Be Blessed to be a blessing


  1. looks like you have been a busy lady, Sandy! I really love the finished bracelet! Its very pretty

  2. So cool! I think that they look like old china, the kind my grandmother had. Very sweet. Enjoy the day, Sandy!

  3. Sandy, this is wonderful! A real vintage kiln and all.... I'm sure it is happy to be rediscovered. :-) Your beads are beautiful and I love how you created the dangle from your bracelet.
    I hope you had a wonderful 55th Anniversary! What a special occasion.... I'm sending you a virtual toast! :-)