Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh for a Retreat

I was reading Erin’s blog where she spoke about going on retreats. How much it refreshes you and fills you with the desire to grow in your creativity. You do not have to go to an expensive place and spend tons of money. Get a friend or two together go to a quite place and encourage one another by bring along some new to share. Erin’sblog put me in mind of the retreat I and one of my students put together in 2009. Eight students and I went to Steamboat Springs Colorado for a week to paint. One of the students had access to a 3 story Condominium, with a spa and everything you can think of a huge kitchen and wonderful fireplace.
Since I was the leader for the painting part of the retreat, I took art supplies in all media.

I wrote the activity plan. Since we all work in a different media, I started with how and when to use our sketch book. I had exercises in drawing then, went into other media, as in pastels, watercolor, and charcoal. We painted beside the river one day.

We went on camera safari.

We hiked up to the waterfalls,

and we searched all the art galleries in town.

Each of us was responsible for a dinner. Everyone out did themselves with their appointed dinner. I made soup and salad I don’t do food :>) well. Also one student did a tutorial on how to build mobiles. This is what we ordered from an artist in Arizona, for the host gift, a doctor friend who lives in Houston, who graciously gave us the use of his Condominium for our retreat. Another taught tatting,(which I never could get my tongue untangled from around my eyetooth) to learn and another was determined to teach me to knit socks. :>) In the evening we did sing-alongs and danced. I was totally refreshed and filled with joy when I returned home.
On other occasions another friend and I use to go to their lake home and paint for a week at a time. We were earnest about becoming good watercolorist. Well maybe. We did a lot of 5 minute sketches and color studies. We practiced our technique. We would go on camera safaris’ and eat fast food. We laughed a lot. I always felt so refreshed when I got home.
I very often have friends over to paint on my patio.

Be Blessed to be a blessing.


  1. Retreats are good for the artistic soul. They fill the well and put you in touch with your artistic Posse. I'm looking forward to retreat in August!


  2. How very marvelous. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend! I especially love that there was a lot more than painting going on... from dancing to tatting to knitting! Some of my best times at retreats are spent doing something that is far out of my comfort zone. I once took a 6 week oil painting class that introduced me to one of my dearest friends. Up to that point I had never once picked up a paint brush. Rainy taught us about color and oil paints. Then we picked a picture from a master artist and set about replicating it the best we could. I did a mighty fine job and would love to do more with oil painting! And it helped me view things in a painterly way that still helps me today.
    Hooray for art retreats of all kinds!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Sandy, thank you for sharing your retreat experience from a few years ago. I love how everyone shared their talents - from teaching their favorite skills to cooking. What a weekend & a lifetime of great memories! I'm looking forward to the ArtBLISS retreat in September... most of all because I'll get to meet many jewelry friends from the blog world.
    Have a nice weekend! :-)