Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finding Time To Play

OMG :>) this BSBP is going to be an awesome creative journey, with 363 participating artist. I am so excited I have already started getting my Soup together. My daughter got me started in making jewelry about 2 years ago. I have always dabbled in making all kinds of stuff, from crazy quilts to handbags. I just love beading. I like to put beads on my quilts, my dresses and blouses, and my jeans. My daughter says”Mama’s favorite color is sparkle”:>)

I, like Lori never have seen a bead that I didn't love. I like to make something from nothing, I like to re-purpose items I don't have a favorite color. I am a watercolorist as well. I teach the seniors at our local senior center.
In my last blog I said I don’t do food well. Well that is the truth, but sometimes it is necessary. I got an urge last week. The temperature has been well over 100 degrees for 35 days straight so I thought I would try to save energy by doing all my (fixings) in one felled swoop. I started with my cooking my husband’s sausage in the oven. I took the skins off and broiled them. Then I thought well while the oven is still hot I will make his favorite meat pie (Bierox), a family tradition, then I thought well while the oven is still hot I will make a Chicken Alfredo and on and on :>) When I make casseroles’ I make really big ones, I divide them up into dinner size for my husband and I. That saves me kitchen time. And gives me more time to play with my creations whether it is painting or making jewelry

I have been collection my Bead Soup and I am impressed I hope my partner will be too whom, ever they may be. I will send a long a sneak peek. Later
I made two bracelets and a copper broach this week.
One bracelet is bead design
The other is a artsy copper cuff
And a broach is copper foil over a copper hand sculpted wire frame. With copper fringe under a re-purposed pewter and rhinestone broach I took out the pearl that was in the center and replaced it with a 4 carat peach colored zirconium

Lovely it is.
Be Blessed to be a blessing.

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