Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bead Soup 2011 Activity Like ants on a hill

I have three new followers but for some reason Blogger will not let me respond so welcome Kim, Grubbi, and Sandra
I just love what Lori had done to create such a wonderful community of creative souls. 363 of us I am so eager for the reveal on September 18

O’happy me I made the Bead Soup Blog Party Treasury Sandi Volpe created called "Wicked". My daugher sent me the jpeg;

“Wicked” how did they know? ;^) I try so hard to be good. But it is hard for me. I just seem to be in trouble all the time smiles. I haven’t received my soup as yet. You can imagine how I am anticipating it. This is what I sent to Alice Craddick. I hope she likes it.

I have been busy this week making bracelets and experimenting with wire. My daughter bought me a wire wrap jig so I could make uniform designs I still have more practice to do.I am short on purple beads but I created one bracelet I call Purpe-less Purple Bracelet :>)
Then I made a lovely pink dangle I put in some of my wire designs. Then I added silver hearts. I really like this one this one.
I had just a little bit aluminum chain and a little bit of aluminum wire, so I made some free form links with my aluminum wire. I for a pendant I made a bezel from a bangle bracelet and a n aluminum gadget and added fused glass. I think I like this one. I am practicing my wire designs, for I have some gold filled wire I am eager to use.
Be Blessed to be a blessing

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