Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soup Just Arrived

Just a quick post to say I did finally receive the much anticipated Bead Soup from my partner Alice Craddick. It must have taken the scenic route here so it was a bit late. But all is well that ends well. She sent me a long string of brown tone Agate, a glass focal with a quarter daisy etched on it ans some orange glass tear drops, and lavender glass beads, lovely fall colors.

Be Blessed to be a blessing

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bead Soup 2011 Activity Like ants on a hill

I have three new followers but for some reason Blogger will not let me respond so welcome Kim, Grubbi, and Sandra
I just love what Lori had done to create such a wonderful community of creative souls. 363 of us I am so eager for the reveal on September 18

O’happy me I made the Bead Soup Blog Party Treasury Sandi Volpe created called "Wicked". My daugher sent me the jpeg;

“Wicked” how did they know? ;^) I try so hard to be good. But it is hard for me. I just seem to be in trouble all the time smiles. I haven’t received my soup as yet. You can imagine how I am anticipating it. This is what I sent to Alice Craddick. I hope she likes it.

I have been busy this week making bracelets and experimenting with wire. My daughter bought me a wire wrap jig so I could make uniform designs I still have more practice to do.I am short on purple beads but I created one bracelet I call Purpe-less Purple Bracelet :>)
Then I made a lovely pink dangle I put in some of my wire designs. Then I added silver hearts. I really like this one this one.
I had just a little bit aluminum chain and a little bit of aluminum wire, so I made some free form links with my aluminum wire. I for a pendant I made a bezel from a bangle bracelet and a n aluminum gadget and added fused glass. I think I like this one. I am practicing my wire designs, for I have some gold filled wire I am eager to use.
Be Blessed to be a blessing

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little O'le Jewelry Sale

Hey there welcome to my Little o”le 25% off Sale on all Bracelets. I really did try to do a one inch collage of the images but blogger would not take them so lone blog.

Take a peek at my Etsy Shops for the prices
Be Blessed to be a blessing

Just a Tease for BSBP

This is just a little tease
My BSBP partner is Alice Craddick. She lives in Ypsilanti Michigan. That is a fer piece from my home. Her Blog is: Take a look at her awesome tinny beads and what she creates from those little tinny itty bitty glass beads.. Her temperature was 73 this morning while ours was about 88 degrees I had a time finding he on my map because my eyes are failing I thought I read B11 But it was R11 :^) Oh Well ol’e doppy me.:^)
Well here is just a tease
Be Blessed to be a blessing

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Birthday

Today is my birthday,I promised myself for my birthday I am going to go buy a bag of Oreo cookies yummy! smiles
My class always goes overboard to celebrate my Birthday Day. I have spoken about the Bead Soup so much that . My student took up a collection and made me a Bead and craft (Goolash) a huge box of beads and findings.

The box is full of beads I was so surprised and pleased.
I spent all day Sunday incorporating the box of beads into my stash to see if all the beads will play nicely together. HEE
I made a polymer clay bracelet last week. The long copper looking beads are really clay that I mixed real gold leaf into. I just love copper it is so rich and warm looking

I had some sweet beads left they were just laying there together I thought well don’t you think they could be balloons. So I created a lovely little broach with polymer clay beads I re-purposed a dangle earring it resembled a balloon if you turned it up-side-own. I left the wire to look like strings. Enjoy a href="">

Be Blessed to be a blessing

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finding Time To Play

OMG :>) this BSBP is going to be an awesome creative journey, with 363 participating artist. I am so excited I have already started getting my Soup together. My daughter got me started in making jewelry about 2 years ago. I have always dabbled in making all kinds of stuff, from crazy quilts to handbags. I just love beading. I like to put beads on my quilts, my dresses and blouses, and my jeans. My daughter says”Mama’s favorite color is sparkle”:>)

I, like Lori never have seen a bead that I didn't love. I like to make something from nothing, I like to re-purpose items I don't have a favorite color. I am a watercolorist as well. I teach the seniors at our local senior center.
In my last blog I said I don’t do food well. Well that is the truth, but sometimes it is necessary. I got an urge last week. The temperature has been well over 100 degrees for 35 days straight so I thought I would try to save energy by doing all my (fixings) in one felled swoop. I started with my cooking my husband’s sausage in the oven. I took the skins off and broiled them. Then I thought well while the oven is still hot I will make his favorite meat pie (Bierox), a family tradition, then I thought well while the oven is still hot I will make a Chicken Alfredo and on and on :>) When I make casseroles’ I make really big ones, I divide them up into dinner size for my husband and I. That saves me kitchen time. And gives me more time to play with my creations whether it is painting or making jewelry

I have been collection my Bead Soup and I am impressed I hope my partner will be too whom, ever they may be. I will send a long a sneak peek. Later
I made two bracelets and a copper broach this week.
One bracelet is bead design
The other is a artsy copper cuff
And a broach is copper foil over a copper hand sculpted wire frame. With copper fringe under a re-purposed pewter and rhinestone broach I took out the pearl that was in the center and replaced it with a 4 carat peach colored zirconium

Lovely it is.
Be Blessed to be a blessing.