Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am having my morning coffee on our patio soaking up the morning in luxury of a lovely morning. It’s been such a hot summer we could not enjoy our patio for such a long time. It is almost October. I am listening to the marching band practicing on the football field less than a ¼ of a mile from us. Google images

I am reminiscing of the Octobers of the distant past. The past when my daughter would be out on the football field marching. Our school band would be dreaming of a 1in regional competition.
Bless her heart she would march for hours piping on a tenor saxophone. It’s a big bugger.
I have finished the quilt that I am making for my friend who was burned out in the central Texas forest fire. It is made of a heavily embroidered taffeta on the front and suede on the back. The quilt does not photograph well (with my photography skills) but It is beautiful. I had to tack it for it is too heavy to quilt. I should not have put the stuffing in it :^) My daughter would say batting mama.
I have finally gotten the entire give a-ways ready to mail. They will go out today except one I forgot how to get into the database so I lack one address. Wheew.

Be blessed to be a blessing

Sunday, September 25, 2011


C.C.Rider__ Brass Snow Flake

Emanda of Artemisia's Studio____the Peace Metal

Regina of Copper Pendant

Wings N Scales The Smaller Love Pendant
Kym Hunter of KymHunterDesigns Italian Rosary to Nino metal

Sally Anderson of wildSallyRoad _Sand Dollar I wish I had more :^)
KvH of __Ceramic Heart
Deana Chase of Larger Love Pendant
Shannon Chomanczuk of MySweetDaughter Larger St. Mary Rosary Metal

All of you need to e-mail me at with your mailing address.Be Blessed to be a blessing

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hey, welcome back from the party. I am still hopping.
Google image

Here it is Tuesday. I am not even ½ way thru the list. I have not I answered any of my comments! I honestly do not know how you all finished so fast. I have spent a good 12 hours a day from Saturday thru Monday. I am so amazed at the bottomless depth of talent and creativity in this BSBP. I will be up for another by January however. I think I will be finished with September by then.
There is still time to sign up for the give-Away. Go to my Sept. 16 Blog and leave a comment
Be blessed to be a blessing

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reveal Day

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things organized for all of us, this huge blog-hop Party and for that I am truly thankful. My partner has been Alice Craddick from Michigan. Her blog is Alice's Beads and Baubles.

This is what I sent Alice . . .

And this is what she sent me.
Alice’s soup mix really gave me a challenge, because I almost never use gunmetal and rarely use brown. She hinted at the complementary color scheme: Purple, red orange and orange. I only had to add red violet beads and plum color aluminum wire to finish out the scheme. Here's the chunky dangle-y bracelet in the full light of day.
A close-up of some of the beads and the focal . . .
Lori said that it was “really cool to mix metals” so I used silver pins for the beads and plum wire for free form designs.
Oh, and check out the cool way I used the orange beads for dangle-y earrings.

Check out the first couple of batches of Bead Soup-ers and our
Hostess, Lori Anderson and her partner, Manuela Wutschke

1. Aimee Wheaton and Barbara York
2. Alice Craddick and Sandra Richardson My Partner and Me.
3. Alison Sachs and Amy Severino
4. Allison Scott and Cynthia Abner
5. Amanda Cargill Austin and Charlene Sevier
6. Amanda Davie and Patsy Evins
7. Amber Dawn and Kim Ballor
8. Ambra Gostoli and Christine Hansen
9. Amy Freeland and Christine Altmiller
10. Ana Krepel-Novak and Eleanor Snare

11. Andrea Morici and Hope Smitherman
12. Andrea Trank and Jayne Capps
13. Andrea Turini and Charlene Jacka
14. Angela May and Emanda Johnson Check out my daughter and her partner
15. Anitra Gordy and Elizabeth Owens Dwy
16. Ann Rishell and Debbie Price
17. Ann Sherwood and Lynne Bowland
18. Anna Lear and Barbe Saint John
19. Anna Sabina­­­­ and Erin Siegel
19. Nan Emmett and Erin Siegel
20. Astrid Boyce and Birgitta Lejonklou

For the rest of the fun, check out Lori's blog HERE.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Blog Soup Blog Party Hop give-a way

If you have come this far you will find that I have give-a-ways. All you have to do is leave a comment and say which pendant you like. Can you beat that?

Copper pendant 2 3/4 by 1 1/2

Peace 1/14 square

Brass snow flake

Ceramic heart 1 ¼ X I inch

Sand dollar 1 14 inch

Polished gunmetal 3 rinestone LOVE 1 1/4 X 3/4

1830 silver 1 1/4 inches by 3/4 invh

Be blessed to be a blessing and enjoy the;


Friday, September 9, 2011

Simple Little Surprise

I was so surprised the other day to go to the post and lucky me! Nana Nana-Na-Na! There was this little package addressed to me: From Lori Anderson. I eagerly opened there to find beautiful little glass beads and an awesome ceramic pendant from Winchell Clayworks. She sent me little blue glass flowers, pewter flowers, spacers and toggle, and transparent lavender 6mm beads; I am as pleased as punch and eager to design something wonderful.

We weren’t sure my soup was going to arrive as it seemed that my soup was lost. So Lori sent me this soup. My partner’s soup did however arrive. I said it must have taken the scenic route. :^)

I cannot wait for the great reveal. It’s only 10 days away. I can tell you that I have been challenged. Lori wanted us to be challenged and stretched, and to think outside the box. I think I covered all the bases.
Be Blessed to be a blessing

Friday, September 2, 2011


Here it is the end of summer as we know it. Labor Day always signals the end of summer. When I was a girl we never had to back to school until after the Labor Day holiday. Here in Texas it is really still too hot in my view. But know one ask me, so our little tykes started back to school week ago. The temperature was 106 degrees That blows me away .

All images are from Google

I said to my husband this week “Honey do you realize that we have spent the whole summer in the catacombs ". We have kept the blinds and doors closed to keep out the heat. I am ready for the heat wave to break. Our weather man David Finfrok tells us that it has been the hottest summer ever recorded here in north Texas. ENOUGH But I can say we don’t have to shovel snow :>) we only have winter 30 minutes at a time. :>)

I am having a time finding the findings I need to finish my Bead Soup. Gun metal is not so widely stocked in our craft stores. Lori did say on the forum that it is really cool to mix our metals. I did go to Etsy and find bead caps. and to another Etsy for small caps I may have to mix my metals. Stay tuned.
Be blessed to be a blessing