Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am having my morning coffee on our patio soaking up the morning in luxury of a lovely morning. It’s been such a hot summer we could not enjoy our patio for such a long time. It is almost October. I am listening to the marching band practicing on the football field less than a ¼ of a mile from us. Google images

I am reminiscing of the Octobers of the distant past. The past when my daughter would be out on the football field marching. Our school band would be dreaming of a 1in regional competition.
Bless her heart she would march for hours piping on a tenor saxophone. It’s a big bugger.
I have finished the quilt that I am making for my friend who was burned out in the central Texas forest fire. It is made of a heavily embroidered taffeta on the front and suede on the back. The quilt does not photograph well (with my photography skills) but It is beautiful. I had to tack it for it is too heavy to quilt. I should not have put the stuffing in it :^) My daughter would say batting mama.
I have finally gotten the entire give a-ways ready to mail. They will go out today except one I forgot how to get into the database so I lack one address. Wheew.

Be blessed to be a blessing

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  1. Hello Sandy...did the weather turn cold where you are too? I'm glad you enjoyed your morning coffee on the patio because those kind of mornings might become more rare - at least here where it was CHILLY all weekend (not to mention the rain!). BTW, speaking of band, my 9 year old is just learning to play the saxophone in class.... he has his 2nd lesson tomorrow in fact.
    The quilt for your friend is really special - it will mean so much to her!