Monday, October 10, 2011


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It was in the fall of 1961 that we all met. We were all young couples with lots of children and no money, but we were happy. We girls were all stay at home moms back then. So we use to entertain ourselves by doing each other’s hair and nails, drinking coffee and playing endless games of canasta. We have supported each other in lots of life’s crisis. Crisis, like very sick children, husbands in Vietnam and heart attacks and little everyday dramas. Our children have all grown up considering the 61st families as aunts, uncles and cousins. Our own families were non-existent. We were from the far reaches of the USA. North and South, We just became a family. My daughter would say a Chosen Family. Well, we are celebrating our 50 years of friendship this week. One family is coming from central Texas, one from west Texas, another from Chattanooga, Tennessee, two from the DFW metro-plex. The last time we were all here for our bi-yearly reunions we took photos of 4 generations. At one time we were 5 generations strong. We take turns gathering in each other’s area. We celebrated 4th.5th.and 7,th wedding anniversaries. We have now celebrated all of our 50th wedding anniversaries. So it seems right that we should celebrate 50 years of friendship. We have lost two of our guys

I am going to be in a craft fair in two weeks. I have been making Christmas earrings and bracelets.

Be Blessed to be a blessing


  1. I love the red bracelet, with the flat round focal, its beautiful!

  2. 5o years of friendship is a tremendous achievement! How wonderful.
    You are an early bird..getting ready for Christmas...I saw decorations in my local supermarket yesterday...couldn't believe it! Gorgeous red bead on the top bracelet.

  3. The earrings are adorable, love the snowmen. Thank you so much for the copper pendant, can't wait to use it in a necklace. Have a wonderful week.

  4. What a heartwarming story - thank you for sharing your tale of friendship. I had to smile when reading the "little things" that you and your friends would do way back when, in the 60's. You have all been through so many wonderful years and memories together. I'm glad that you are able to reunite and create more great memories too! The old newspaper photo is so nice to see.
    Your Christmas jewlery is beautiful - I especially love the bracelet! I think it will be snatched up as a gift very quickly at your upcoming show!

  5. What a fabulous story about your "chosen" families! What a support you must have been to each other. You are fortunate to have experienced that!

    Oh, and sweet Christmas jewels, too!