Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Always Something Fun to do

I have had a most interesting week. To start with my son and I went to the place my daughter was working to take her out to lunch. I was her last day there as the job just did not work our. She drove 500 miles in 4 days and went thru a quart of oil, and was on the road for 2 hr. a day. The job did not pay enough to risk her life on interstate 35 and all the other minus. Anyway, We went to see her on her last say. What a fun place to be. It was a wholesale bead company. Well I just had to do a little shopping. We went to Risky’s for a hamburger and onion rings. I have never had such a burger it was huge, and the onion rings were huge as well. We had a lot of laughs and stuffed our faces. Since My husband did not want to go to the Stockyards, (That is where the bead company is located) we called him while we had lunch so he could say he had lunch with us.
In my unrestrained shopping I bought a grab bag of beads. I have been designing necklaces. I went to city hall with my husband and he was there longer than he had planed. It was hot in the truck so I walked up the path to be under an old oak tree. I looked down an discovered a host of tiny acorns. I gathered about 70 and put them in my pocket. The next day my husband drilled a tiny hole in them. I then dipped them in nail polish to give them a high shine. While at the bead company I had purchased a string of fake turquoise rock beads really small. I used them as the contrast bead. It turned out quite lovely.
I have spent the last 4 days on our patio watercoloring. I am determined to paint every day. I went to a friend house today to paint. We had lunch and a very leisurely day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finishing One Thing Starting Another

I am still teaching the series of Teaching Creativity. We are finishing pictorial organization in my seniors painting class. In my last blog I featured the 4 painting done in the project we have now finished horizontal bars, and I have now finished oblique, just in time for this blog. I was hindered finishing because last Friday was a zoo. > Our next project will be color schemes.

Meanwhile back at the ranch we are preparing for our annual Art Show and Sale. I hope to see some of what we have learned in the show. We do the show in the second week in May because that is Older Americans Week. I always secure a professional judge to judge the show and we have ribbons and prizes and a wonderful reception at the end.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Examples of Teaching Creativity

In my earlier blog I spoke of teaching creativity to my painting class this year. So far we have done some drawing in creative ways. Then we went into pictorial organization. . We have done so far frame-in-frame, cruciform, grid, and vertical bars. We still lack horizontal bars and oblique. I am in hopes to see some of this creativity in our upcoming Annual Art Show and Sale. Here,
I thought I would show my bloggers some examples.

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