Friday, August 27, 2010

This and That and Having Fun

I spent a week in East Texas with my brother and his wife. We were having a great time until Tuesday when there came a great mystery. My brother came in from working on his tractor with excruciating pain in his hand. He could not stand for you to touch it. Then it began to swell and have a fever. We talked him into going to the DR. which was not easy task he is so macho. At first the DR. thought it was a broken bone. They x-rayed it but could not find a broken bone. Then they thought he had gotten into poison or was stung.Then they thought it was probably Gout. His hand swelled up to look like Swedish sausages. Anyway I was glad I was there because I was able to stay with their 16 year old grandson with Autism, and we connected famously. We painted together and he was able to write words for me. One day they were there from 11:00 to 9:30 in emergency room in Tyler. Anyway we did still have some great times too.
When I returned from my little trip I made some really nice jewelry with seeds. I used Texas mountain laurel seeds which are a bright shinny seed, and acorns, which my husband drilled for me and I dipped them in clear nail polish made a set of jewelry with Indian corn and acorns, and also a set of acorns, and Mountain Laurel and Buckeye. They were fun. See below

Mountain Laurel, Acorns, and Buckeye (One)

Mountain laurel, Acorns, and Buckeye (Two)

Mountain Laurel and Acorns

Indian Corn and Acorns

Be Blessed

This and That

Mountain and Acorns

Indian Corn and Acorn

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

East Texas Visit

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I am taking the week away. I am spending a week with my brother and his wife in East Texas.For my birthday my husband gave me a trip to East Texas to visit my brother. He could have given me nothing better.It is just my brother and myself left in our family.We haven't done anything really outstanding but fellowship and reminiscing Be Blessed I will be back next week Be Blessed

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Brief. History (Kinda

I woke up early this morning. I stumbled to my coffee. My wonderful husband always has my coffee tray by my chair in the living room, just waiting for me. I started to blog but determined that I didn’t have anything very interesting to saying this morning, because it has been so hot here in North Texas, that I have been staying in. I have sprained my right rotor cuff and am trying to rest it. I got two cortisone shots last week so, I haven’t been making jewelry this week and I have not been painting. Then this morning, I read Lori Anderson’s blog, a delightful somebody that I enjoy following. This morning she started a blog about getting to know each other. The rule is you must tell seven things about yourself.
So here goes:
1. I was born and reared in West Texas, where the dirt blew. We moved to North Texas in 1965.

2. My mother died when I was eight

3. I married in 1956 to caring man.
4. We have two great children
5. I love to sing, and sang in the church choir for 42 years. I sang with a group called the Sonshine Love Notes at nursing homes for ten years.

6. I started painting in 1978. I bought and ran an art business and art school for 4 years.
7. My natural talent is teaching. I have been teaching painting to the seniors at the community center for 11 years.

There you have it seven things.
Oh eight> We have traveled the U.S. and Mexico extensively.
Be Blessed !

Monday, August 2, 2010

Just Staying Cool

August 2, 2010
My painting class has been going so well. I had 30 students on Friday. I am not doing formal demonstrations this summer. There are so many in and out in the summer. I will start-up my Teaching Creativity in September.
It is diffidently summer in North Texas. The temperatures have been well above 100 degrees for over a week and will be for the remainder of this week. So I have been staying in, in the cool. While there I have busied myself with making jewelry. I think I now have enough to start a small business. But it has kept me off the corner.> as if !

These are the necklaces and earrings

These are the Bracelets
Be Blessed