Monday, August 9, 2010

My Brief. History (Kinda

I woke up early this morning. I stumbled to my coffee. My wonderful husband always has my coffee tray by my chair in the living room, just waiting for me. I started to blog but determined that I didn’t have anything very interesting to saying this morning, because it has been so hot here in North Texas, that I have been staying in. I have sprained my right rotor cuff and am trying to rest it. I got two cortisone shots last week so, I haven’t been making jewelry this week and I have not been painting. Then this morning, I read Lori Anderson’s blog, a delightful somebody that I enjoy following. This morning she started a blog about getting to know each other. The rule is you must tell seven things about yourself.
So here goes:
1. I was born and reared in West Texas, where the dirt blew. We moved to North Texas in 1965.

2. My mother died when I was eight

3. I married in 1956 to caring man.
4. We have two great children
5. I love to sing, and sang in the church choir for 42 years. I sang with a group called the Sonshine Love Notes at nursing homes for ten years.

6. I started painting in 1978. I bought and ran an art business and art school for 4 years.
7. My natural talent is teaching. I have been teaching painting to the seniors at the community center for 11 years.

There you have it seven things.
Oh eight> We have traveled the U.S. and Mexico extensively.
Be Blessed !

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  1. I'm so glad you grabbed that badge!

    So sorry about losing your mother at such a young age. But you've done so many wonderful things in your life!