Monday, August 2, 2010

Just Staying Cool

August 2, 2010
My painting class has been going so well. I had 30 students on Friday. I am not doing formal demonstrations this summer. There are so many in and out in the summer. I will start-up my Teaching Creativity in September.
It is diffidently summer in North Texas. The temperatures have been well above 100 degrees for over a week and will be for the remainder of this week. So I have been staying in, in the cool. While there I have busied myself with making jewelry. I think I now have enough to start a small business. But it has kept me off the corner.> as if !

These are the necklaces and earrings

These are the Bracelets
Be Blessed

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  1. WOW, 30 students! What a turn-out!

    Stay cool -- our temps are heading back up to the 100s and I am NOT happy. Nope. Not at ALL.