Friday, August 27, 2010

This and That and Having Fun

I spent a week in East Texas with my brother and his wife. We were having a great time until Tuesday when there came a great mystery. My brother came in from working on his tractor with excruciating pain in his hand. He could not stand for you to touch it. Then it began to swell and have a fever. We talked him into going to the DR. which was not easy task he is so macho. At first the DR. thought it was a broken bone. They x-rayed it but could not find a broken bone. Then they thought he had gotten into poison or was stung.Then they thought it was probably Gout. His hand swelled up to look like Swedish sausages. Anyway I was glad I was there because I was able to stay with their 16 year old grandson with Autism, and we connected famously. We painted together and he was able to write words for me. One day they were there from 11:00 to 9:30 in emergency room in Tyler. Anyway we did still have some great times too.
When I returned from my little trip I made some really nice jewelry with seeds. I used Texas mountain laurel seeds which are a bright shinny seed, and acorns, which my husband drilled for me and I dipped them in clear nail polish made a set of jewelry with Indian corn and acorns, and also a set of acorns, and Mountain Laurel and Buckeye. They were fun. See below

Mountain Laurel, Acorns, and Buckeye (One)

Mountain laurel, Acorns, and Buckeye (Two)

Mountain Laurel and Acorns

Indian Corn and Acorns

Be Blessed

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  1. Sandy, how did your hubby drill the Mountain Laurel seeds? I just had a friend ask me if I could make her some jewelry with the seeds and I told her I could, but haven't figured out how to drill them yet, without destroying them.