Friday, September 9, 2011

Simple Little Surprise

I was so surprised the other day to go to the post and lucky me! Nana Nana-Na-Na! There was this little package addressed to me: From Lori Anderson. I eagerly opened there to find beautiful little glass beads and an awesome ceramic pendant from Winchell Clayworks. She sent me little blue glass flowers, pewter flowers, spacers and toggle, and transparent lavender 6mm beads; I am as pleased as punch and eager to design something wonderful.

We weren’t sure my soup was going to arrive as it seemed that my soup was lost. So Lori sent me this soup. My partner’s soup did however arrive. I said it must have taken the scenic route. :^)

I cannot wait for the great reveal. It’s only 10 days away. I can tell you that I have been challenged. Lori wanted us to be challenged and stretched, and to think outside the box. I think I covered all the bases.
Be Blessed to be a blessing

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