Sunday, April 10, 2011


It is TAX week. We were suppose to get our taxes figured on Saturday. NOT. I have always had a system of collecting all the paper work in a designated spot. And never worried about it. We just pick up the folder and cruised on down to the Tax Man. Well on Saturday I went to the spot and No No No No the paperwork wasn’t there! We started a major search. My husband was ready to ship me off th the Alzheimer’s Unit I really did not know where to look as it wasn’t where I always kept it. But I can tell you this house got a major clean sweep! I had little piles of papers, greeting cards, birth announcements and the like here and there, well no more. But I did finally find the tax paper work. I had laid a stack of Beading Magazines sideways on top of the books in the book shelf and somehow the tax folder was under them. Now, good news. I finished my bracelets for the 7000 Bracelets for The Genes for Jeans project for children with Rare Diseases. In the Post Box on Friday I received such a surprise. There was a package From my swap partner. Jennifer Pride. And In that was 9 little bags ---

there was a package And in those little packages were lovely beads. It was like Jenn wanted to cook up a yummy bead soup. There was a Tablespoon of this one and a tablespoon of that one and a teaspoon of one and a pinch of that one. Oh my goodness what fun I had opening them My brain is spinning. I can think of at least two designs I would love to make. Then there was what I sent to her. Red milk glass beads like cherries and a red cloisonne egg pendant with a red glass closure. Be Blessed

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