Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness

I have been working on my Watercolor Wet and Juicy book all week. I have also gotten pretty good at fighting with the computer. So I have about gotten the word documents edited to the place I think I want it. I have the photos inserted. Now I have to get into illustrating of the process. That part shouldn’t take too long. I am encouraged. I have been on the computer so much that my sweet husband thinks it’s an extension to my arms. So to alleviate that thoughtI baked him a lemon cake. You have heard I am sure that the way to a man’s heart is thru his tummy. >

My sister-in-love ask my sweet husband to cut her some wood slices so she could make something to put in the little sale at her retirement home. He cut her several in different sizes. While he was at it, he cut me some in smaller sizes. You will probably see them in my Fall Seed Collection when I add acorns and Texas mountain laurel seeds

I took time out and made one necklace. I used the little giraffe that is in my Etsy as the focal. And an old gold plate chain necklace that I purchased at the local GOODWILL every third Wednesday everything in the store is half price so I got it for a steal. I added bling bling to some of the links. My daughter says “Mamas favorite color is sparkle”

Be Blessed

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