Monday, March 14, 2011

This has Been The Week That Was

I keep hearing in my brain my inner self saying be not afraid. I cannot grasp the depth of devastation, the human toll in Japan and in the islands and across the seas the past 3 days and the fear of more to come. My heart whispers keep still be not afraid, but my heart aches for the millions affected.
It is hard to be creative when there is so much going on.

I have found a new to me shop that carries end of market fabrics. I bought enough outdoor fabric to cover my patio cushions. The fabric is butter yellow with blue flowers and green foliage. I have finished one cover and lack 3 but I am not going to rush as I have to clean the set up first.

My daughter, Artemisa sent me a Etsy link for vintage buttons at To my great surprise many of them or very similar are in my stash. I have had them for “Many a year “ .as my grandmother would say.
Earlier in the week I did manage to create a necklace, and 2 bracelets. I used some of the base metal flowers that I purchased at the last bead market that my daughter and I went to and some green and blue crystals. I filled the backs of the flowers with silver clay to mount the crystal on.

Be Blessed

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