Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is Here

Since spring is here I thought it was time to do some Spring Sprucing up. Like I said last week I purchased some weather proof fabric for the cushions on our patio set. I am so pleased that they turned out so well. When I finished I got an idea to take the little bit of fabric left and use it for the ribbon and bow to make a floral wreath to hang by the backdoor. I went to a friend’s garage sale and would believe she had most of the colors of old silk flowers that were in the fabric I purchase them and ran home to create this wreath but I needed more blue so made a mix of permanent blue ink and died some white flowers

We enjoy setting out there since the weather is so nice. It is suppose to get to 84 today. My husband has made a friend in one of the squirrels. He is very spoiled He will only eat the best pecans. I stopped at a pecan tree that we use to raid in the fall some 45 years ago and picked up some pecans. I know they were several years old probably. He won’t eat them he smells them and drops them on the ground and proceeds to beg for more.

I have a great painting class. This week we reviewed color by looking over some of my color studies. I encourage them to make notebooks of color studys.Next week I will demonstrate compotation by using templates.
I have gotten back to my book on Watercolor. I have been fighting with our new computer. I think I need to uninstall the Open Office program and re-install it again . It jumps around and you never where it is going to end up @##$%^&**&%$@ smiles
Be Blessed

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