Sunday, March 6, 2011

Inspired by Fellow Artist

I was so impressed with Lori Anderson"s design for the blog-hop times to put in a lorianderson.blogspot.comthat I made myself a button bracelet. I am button-a-holic. I have always had a fascination with buttons. I remember exploring my grandmother’s Treasure Trunk when I was a child and marveling over her button jar. My daughter ask me once when she was just a child, ”Mama when you die can I have your buttons”>While recovering from double knee replacement surgery last year I had not a fiber of creativity for three or four weeks. My first effort in creativity was to make a button necklace. All the buttons I used were mother of pearl.

Ithought I would get back copper as it has been a month since I posted. So I brought out the number
8 gage wire and bent them into bangle type bracelet. I then added fussed glass.

My stash is healthy and bulging and my pockets are flat so my daughter and I did not go to the current Bead Market in Fort Worth Texas. That is huge. Now we are talking 16 miles away!
Be Blessed

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