Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Serendipitous Week

As I mentioned to you last week I altered some of my jewelry pieces for a customer. Well she came to retrieve them yesterday. She had asked me to design a bracelet for her soon to be daughter-in-love. I made two and matching earrings. She was pleased with one bracelet but nixed the earrings which was OK with me I can sell them for more than I was asking for the whole set>

There are several things to do before we travel to Lubbock Texas for our final Friends Reunion. I say final because we have had 2 funerals since we were all together at a 50th wedding Anniversary celebration in 2007.We are a group of neighbors that met in 1961 and became a family. Our families were non-extent at that time. We were all young with no money and lots of kids. So we entertained ourselves doing one another’s hair and nails.> We went thru many really hard times together. Some were life threatening that were very stressful. When we began to move on in our separate lives we were scattered across the nation. But we remained close. We have had many reunions and are now up to 4 generations. But this reunion will be just the original couples. We celebrated our 4th, 5th, and 6th wedding anniversaries together and then our 50th anniversaries together. Awesome don’t you think?
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We will want to share our persimmons with them, so we got out yesterday and harvested some to take with us. I have to do my hair. It is so funny, when our families are coming I make sure everything is in tip-top shape, but when it is the 61st Street Gang I do nothing because they have seen me at my absolute worst, and my best.>

Yesterday the weather was just wonderful so I had three friends over to paint on the patio. I know we will not have many more days like that.

I am also trying to get the quilt top so I can show Dotty and Mina my latest project since Dotty gave me the cut work that inspired the quilt. And Mina is a avid quilter. Funny the only thing we did when we were young was watch the kids and wipe their noses and their-- I would not trade being a stay-at-home-mom for all the tea in China. We feel so blessed that our children grew up to be such fine citizen. Anyway Be Blessed!

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