Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day With My Daughter

I just had a wonderful Saturday with my daughter. I really believe any day spent with my daughter is a awesome day. On this Saturday we went to the Fort Worth Bead Show.Erin at TreasuresFound had given a color challenge, so we used the color swatch as our starting place. Our color swatch was on the warm side of the color wheel. Before we went downtown we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards and took a peek in Brazos Bead Collection.

I Thought all I need was findings, but of course I was totally impressed with the treasures we found there. I needed 8mm lapis but they were not at Brazos so I figured I would get them at the Bead Show. But when I found them at the Bead Show I thought I remembered purchasing them at Brazos, now I still nee3ed 8mm lapis beads, oh well another day.

I had won a Subway gift certificate on Thursday and planned to buy lunch and eat in Forest Park the weather has been incredible. However the Subway shop wasn’t there anymore so we ate at the Burger King. I will just save the gift certificate until our next Fabulous Saturday. And oh I thought I had taken plenty of money but I spent every cent I did not even have the taxes for my last purchase. The vendor took pity on me smiles.

We got a lot of good stuff! smiles
When we got the Bead Show we determined that we would look all round the room then zigzag thru the room before we bought. Well that did not happen. I started it with the purchase of silver chains

I have a commission for a black necklace. I have decided to use Cloisonné. They are not easy to find. I had spent nearly all my money before I found them. But alas I did and they are beautiful

On Thursday there was a Thanksgiving Luncheon at the Senior Center. The director allowed some of the Senior Craft Fair vendors set up in another room since there would be a big crowd and the turnout was so dreary at the Craft Fair. I did OK I had three sales. I sold bracelets and an earring necklace set.
Be Blessed

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