Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wonderful Thanksgiving on to Advent

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I made everyone’s favorite dish. It took me three days. And, this someone who declared when she turned 60 years of age, that she was old enough to say “I don’t do food.” I honestly don’t think about it. I would rather paint, make jewelry or quilt. I set the table with my best china and crystal, bought the wine. I prepared for 6, but the weather prevented our daughter from coming and our nephew was off hunting. That left us and our son. What made the day so wonderful was attitude. I was determined to a great day, and just know everyone were where they suppose to be. After dinner we spoke to our son’s girlfriend in St.Petersburg, Russia by way of Skype, I did the dishes as it was my best china. Then we had a movie on our big 5ftX8ft screen. Then I declared it was “Pie Time” We had pie then we watched another movie and had another “Pie Time”
I have gone ballistic over copper.

I have gone ballistic over copper.

I took Erin’s @ , color challenge that my daughter shared with me when we went to the bead marker. Also I wanted to use the beads she had shared with me. ‘They were stone crosses’. I simply could not get into the crossed. But I tried. While trying I spied heavy copper wire on my work table, then I was off and running. I will show you the process.

Sometimes design is a process off elimination. My daughter would say Mom “Less is More” I wrapped the focal stone with copper foil and the red bead with copper foil. I then went to JoAnn’s for a copper chain and found a treasure of copper beads. I am very pleased with the results,

You know that in this economy copper is the new gold!

While my daughter was here for the bead market she set me up on Etsy. But I cannot find the place to add items. I have put my profile in twice but it does not show up. So I need more tutoring.
Google image

So, watch for my creations on Etsy At;.
Be Blessed

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