Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Treading The Waters of Beading

I am on the trail of follow-up from the Craft Fair. I had one customer who was very petite l. She really loved one of my three color crystal sets but the bracelet was a seven and half inch and she took a 7inch I told her I would re-size it, which meant that I had to restring the bracelet.

Also she really loved the copper + abalone but it was too long for her as I said she was petite. Well because I was so easy to deal with she ordered a custom bracelet for her daughter-in-love to be. I have been busy today designing two lavender bracelets. She wanted them to be delicate. I also designed earrings to match.

Also while I was visiting my friend in Smithvile TX I promised her I would re-string her amethyst necklace. It was a 36 inches strand. She is also petite. Because I added seed beads every third bead I had enough to make a two strand necklace and bracelet and earrings to match.

Tell me what would have done. Comments please
Be Blessed

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  1. So happy to find visit your blog and see your beautiful jewelry...and so much more. I love the amethyst you chose...especially the bracelet with the dangles.
    I never heard the phrase "daughter-in-love", would you believe? I like it! :-)