Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Feel Like Erin Brockovich

I Feel Erin Brockovich in the movie of the same name, after she had collected all 650 signatures from the residence in a small town to fight a huge corporation. (And this blog I have tried14 times blogger kept grabbing it away before I was finished). I have just finished posting 22 pieces in my Etsy Shop. It has taken me 5 days. WhewEee , But I am well pleased at how it looks. So take a stroll through my Magpie Treasure Trove. http://MagpieTreasureTrove.etsy.com
I call them my Magpie quilts, handbags, and jewelry magpie, because a magpie will pick-up anything that is sparkly and shiny and take it to their nest.

My intentions were to show Image of the Front page of Etsy

That is about all I have accomplished this week. Well I did get the tinny Christmas tree up. I put the little Etsy-bitty-T-Tinny tree on my Bright Red and Green Crazy Quilt to cover a small desk. Then I put out my bling-bling decorated gift boxes as decoration.

I put wreaths up on the front and back doors. I do the back door because everybody comes through our backdoor, as we live on a corner.

At last I put out the porcelain Nativity. I always use the blanket that I brought both my children home from the hospital in for Christmas. I use it as snow to set the Naivety on. That is every Christmas since 1958: Whoa! And, it has been one year since I had a double knee replacement, and now I could climb a tree if I had to, my legs are so strong. Yea.
Be Blessed

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