Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just Idle and Babbling

I think this will be the image for my Christmas Card
I have just participated in my first color challenge, and my first blog-hop. How exzellerating is that a word > I am a slow learner but I think I may try it again. I saw lots of candy for the eye. And I got a overload of inspiration. Thanks Erin and Emanda for including me.
Here is another of my creations I just could not decide

This necklace was copper and quartz=+ a little orange red bead with copper foil wrap

This copper and fused glass was one concideration

I have a little man in my painting class, who inspires me so much. He will have his 97th birthday next Friday the 10th of December. He goes to the Trinity Art Guild every Tuesday and paints and critiques others work, although it cost him $30 for a taxi, which is about 3 miles. I pick him up every Friday for my painting class. One of other men students helps me take him home as I cannot lift his wheelchair. He still enters art competitions and he still wins. One year at our annual Art Show we gave him the Energizer Bunny Award. He just keeps on kicking. Is that amazing or what.

He tells me that it too much for us to come get him and take him to class. I tell him as long as he is up and breathing we want him painting.> The class wants to do something special for his birthday, so we are going to give him a card shower.

I am going to Office Depot in the morning, as their sale starts tomorrow, to print a photo of a painting I did for my brother-in-love. He wants to use it for his Christmas card. Since I will be there anyway I offered to have Chap’ (he is, my afore mentioned student) Christmas card printed I just adore him. He is writing his third book. One he wrote was on Art History. He donated his entire Art History book collection to my daughter. She then donated them to North Central Texas College in his name, because she did not have enough room for his collection. She was teaching there at that time.
I have an inflamed bursa in my right shoulder. I am having to keep my elbow close to my side, to try to get the shoulder to heal without surgery. (It is not as much as it should be to advance in years) That makes it difficult to create jewelry, or paint .but t one thing I won’t have to do the ironing.>
Oh well I am just babbling.
Be Blessed

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