Sunday, December 19, 2010

“Use what you have, make it do, or do without”

My grandmother’s name was Annie; you will hear me quote her often. This week is a perfect example of her tutelage:
“Use what you have, wear it out, make it do, or do without”

I love following Lori Anderson. PrettyThings is one her blogs. Not too long ago she mentioned that she had made faux Lapis. I had never thought to make faux Lapis. and told her so that I was so impressed with the thought. I tried to make Lapis from Sculpey Clay. Sculpy does not have a good navy blue so I tried to mix navy blue; I failed to make Lapis and produced what I called faux turquoise. It was not too bad, just not Lapis.

I failed to make Lapis, but I was not daunted. I went to JoAnn’s Fabrics and Crafts and purchased Fimo. I discovered Fimo is not the same as Sculpey. I can put Sculpey in the microwave for 15 seconds and it is soft enough for these arthritics hands to knead, but not Fimo. Fimo became hard and crumbly. So I broke it in to large chunks and continued to bake in a regular oven for a few minutes, then I used Sculpey’s Studio Gloss glaze finish the chunks. Whilst they were still tacky I applied gold leaf flakes. I drilled holes in and made what I call chunk Lapis. I was pleased with the results. And so I created a couple of very different necklaces and earring sets. So I have learned my lesson:

I bought a whole nest of bracelets and I used the copper ones to create bracelets with the chunky Lapis and beads. My husband drilled them to have larger holes.

I went back to JoAnn’s and purchased more Fimo. This time I put the package in my bra to warm-up Just I use to do with my kneading eraser. My desire to make handmade Lapis sculptures of little animal designs. I wanted decorate them to make original pendants. Take a peek:

Other side

My sweet husband tries to do things to make me happy, bless his heart. Last week he went to move a computer floor power strip up from the floor to the side of the desk, so I could reach it. He turned the computer off correctly and moved the switch, but when he turned the computer back on it politely crashed. So we call our computer geek of a nephew to fix it, he came running as he always does. The computer could not be fixed.

We had to buy another computer but the new computer does not have the programs that I am familiar with. I could not get it to make me a new business card for my new Etsy Shop. I mentioned this to my sweet daughter. And behold she made me one and e-mailed it to me. How blessed I am.
On to another front: Last week I told you about celebrating Chap’s 97th birthday. We took photos as you remember. Well, Marie -- one of the really talented students -- took the photo and enlarged it and affixed to a canvas painting apron. I was so pleased and surprised. They brought me a lovely pot of Poinsettias as well. Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS to me
Be Blessed

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