Saturday, October 31, 2009

More about me!

Hey there it's it's a lovely Scottish like day. All our days come from the same source. It's what we do to them that makes the bad days. I have never been to Scotland but this is what my daughter tells me,smiles
I have a husband of 53 years and two lovely children. A daughter who is sooo talented it exudes from her finger tips. And a son who is so tall and a wonderful pilot , and very talented as well. I could go on and on. What is a mother to do.
I am a watercolorists and an art teacher. I teach the seniors at the Senior Center. Don't think poof! I have some very talented students. More later Sandy from MY COLORING BOX


  1. Actually, I do think poof! Keep up the good work with painting and all but don't start blogging just because your daughter tells you so.

  2. Hi Sandy! You have such a lovely smile, and lots to smile about! I can tell you love your children immensely and that is a true blessing! I know how you feel about color, sometimes I think it's the best thing God did for this world when making it, giving us all that color and each day he paints the sky anew! Hope you enjoy this new experience of blogging!


  3. Hi Mom and Kate!

    I think you are going to love blogging, Mom. (But don't pay any attention to stupid people who don't have anything better to do than to rain on other people's parades.)

    Kate, thanks for following my blog to Sandy's Coloring Box. Those first few blogs are the toughest when you feel like no-one is reading or listening. She is CRAZY about color!


  4. Thanks, Yes I do enjoy my children. I am thinking I am going to have loads of fun especially when I decide what I want to do when I grow up smiles be blessed.