Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well I gave my husband the chance to choose the winner Of the wonderful book. COLOR HARMONY

COLOR HARMONY by Hideaki Chijiiwa. A guide to creative color combinations. I offered it as a prize during the COLOR CHALLENGE Blog-Hop this week and the winner is number 13 Drum roll please ! Let’s just go see who that might be. Be right back.

It’s Heidi Post. She tells it like it is: (From her own blog profile) A creative weirdo. A 14-year old living in a rapidly aging body. Not as disciplined as I'd like to be. A super klutzy spaz. Completely obsessive - especially when it comes to new project ideas. I've been marching to my own drummer since I was born. That led to a lot of stares and being picked on when I was younger, but I'd rather stand out than be a sheep. Contrary. Strong. Dependable. And the best darn guacamole-maker alive.
Enjoy COLOR HARMONY Heidi and
Be blessed to be a blessing

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