Thursday, March 28, 2013


Oh Glory Be. I have been so busy but I cannot tell you with what smiles. As you know I am about to be a grandmother for the first time. We know it will be a girl. I have been making blankets and gowns. Not that she will need anything a grandmother makes but, it makes me feel good.  My daughter designed a lovely invitation and a couple of friends wanted to be hostesses for a baby shower. The weather has been so lovely that we held the party on the patio. My husband and i decorated with pink crape paper and paper lanterns. Her favorite colors are purple and lime-ish green.  The shower was a huge success. She got so many thoughtful gifts. The nursery is just lovely. Now ll we can do is wait for delivery.

I am learning to use the social media to post my watercolors on. I am not the least bit clerical so it is taking its toll on me. But I am getting there visit me (SandysColoringBox on Ebay  or   I am posting birds today.
Be blessed to be a blessing

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