Friday, May 9, 2014

Busy As A Bee

Just a little blog to let you know we are still breathing.  After my husband’s stroke we have been living in a circus. He fell down 4 flights of concrete steps into the street. Some kind soul called 911.  He was rushed to the ER. There was a 3 day stay in the Hospital. He was released at noon on Sunday. I took him home for Home Health, but when I stopped at our gate he opened the car door and blacked out and fell in the street in the back of our home. I called 911 again. Another 3 days at the hospital. He was then released to Skilled Nursing for another 14 days. He has now been home 2 weeks. We have Dr.s appointments everyday and home health nursing coming every day. So you see how beading has not been at the top of my agenda.

Sunday April 27th  the day my granddaughter was dedicated to the LORD
I have however been able to design a few pieces with the lovely Bead Soup that Amber Dawn sent me. Thank you Amber.I will see Ya Tomorrow.
Be blessed to be a blessing.

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