Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is Sprung ,Time is Changing

I think Spring is upon us. The sun was shining today. The Bradford pear trees are about to look like a snow storm. The weather is so nice it makes me want to dig in the flower beds. I wager I could now if I tried and husband would let me. It was just wonderful this because it has been years since I have had the pleasure of working in the yard. This was great morning to go grocery shopping and be able to our run the husband I could walk so well. I just went buzzing down the aisles. We got done licked split. :>)
My classes are going so well. We are on an adventure to learn creativity. We have already explored drawing, now we are exploring pictorial organization. It is so satisfying to watch the students use their imagination.
I am hoping that the adventure will show itself in our annual art show which is only five weeks away.
I am eagerly waiting for March 16th. As a friend from central Texas and I age going to visit a mutual friend in Chattanooga Tennessee. We became friends in the early 60’s and are like sisters.

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