Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visiting Friends

Hey everyone, what a wonderful experience I have had. I went to visit a dear friend, I took the train.
We have been dear friends for 49 years.

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She lives in Smithville Texas. Smithville is outside of Austin Texas. She lives half way between Smithville and Bastrop. Life just keeps getting in the way of my getting to go visit my friend when her husband passed two years ago so one day I said I am going to visit my friend. I don’t care period. We have had a great time doing nothing special I suppose.

This little house was on a hill on the road out to her house. I thought it was just too charming. Of course the neighbors weren’t too pleased about it. Smiles.
We did go to Bastrop Texas, one day to all the art galleries, we met the artist who is commissioned to sculpt the war memorial in Smithville. Smithville has the unpleasant honor of having lost the most military per-capetah (sp) for a city of it’s size to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

On another day we went to Smithville to discover what was there. We went to the “Paper Doll” shop. While there we met Tom Tierney the artist of all the paper doll books. Check him out at www.tomtierney.com and be impressed. He had paper doll books of every description. Tom is a very interesting person. He was very generous to talk to us. He told us little stories about the celebrities he had drawn and stars he had met. Since we are into movies, I bought “Costumes of Classic Movies. There is a costume paper doll of Julie Andrews in Thoroughly Modern Millie, which is my favorite movie of all time.
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While there I went to all her volunteer commitments. One day we went o the food pantry. We handed out food to 98 families. On Monday we went to the support group for widows. We had a really a good time while supporting each other. The hostess served banana splits yumm. We sat up late and watched old movies and are nutty bars. Tuesday we went to bible study. I had not planned to stay as long as I did, but my friend begged me to stay for the family party for her grandson who was going into the MARINES.
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I took some of my jewelry for my friend to choose which she preferred, as a thank you gift. She chose a piece of fused glass with a metal piece that resembled a butterfly.
Be Blessed

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