Friday, October 8, 2010

Dear Jane Quilt foiled

I am late blogging this week. I have been busy trying to finish a quilt that I started seven years age. Wait now, I have a good excuse. That quilt has 225 four inch squares and 119 triangle for the border. Some of the squares took an entire day to make. I finished 130 squares. but I decided to re-design and call it a day and called a halt to the process "So sue Me!" (smiles.)

Jane Stickle lived through the Civil War and finished her quilt in 1863. The quilt was discovered in 1991. /. Go visit the site and be impressed. (smiles.)

My sweet husband installed the speakers that I found this summer at a garage sale.for $15. He put them out on the patio, so we have been enjoyed wonderful music while luxuriating in awesome Indian summer weather, This wonderful wether we have had gave me a chance to paint up the assignment for my painting class. I am re-teaching "Teaching Creativity"

On Sunday afternoon a friend and I went into Fort Worth to the Scott Theater to see a musical preformed by the "Taps and Tunes" dance troupe. The troupe is made-up of ladies in mature years. They must be at least 50 to qualify. They did skits and dance numbers of the 20's and 30's. The show was delightful, You should see them shake their Booty, (smiles.)

Made me feel so good to be alive.

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