Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The Hanging
Boy oh boy what a time we had this Friday passed. All the works were due on the 6th. The judging on the 7th completing and tweaking and photographing on the 9th before the show opened. Wheew.
I painted 9 signs last week before my class on Friday.

I had lots of help registering all the works and hanging the show. Sometimes too much as all the media were to be hung together. And all the Abstracts were to be hung on one wall. Well it did not happen, so when the judge came she had us taking the categories off the wall and putting them on a table so she could see them all together, then the media’s were hung randomly so did-do. Then we had to re-hang the show. The stapler did not work so the labels were taped to the wall. Well that won’t work so I had to go on Monday and staple every label so they would stay for the duration of the show. However the Show is beautiful. I am so proud of the students. We had 27 artist and 75 entries in 7 categories.
Beginner Abstract

Beginner Oil

Beginner Watercolor

Intermediaate Oil

Intermediate Abstract

Intermediate Watercolor

Advanced Pastel

Advanced Oil;

Abstract Advanced watercolor

An abstract advanced watercolor;

1st place best of Show Advanced watercolor;

Be Blessed


  1. Wow wow wow! Great show!

  2. Sandy, what a busy bee you've been! Your handpainted signs look great.

    Some of my favorites are the Beginner watercolor and the Advanced oil - all so fabulous! You were surrounded by talent! :-)

  3. Totally wonderful show! I love the variety of work here. That one with the houses is my favorite. It reminds me of Tuscany!
    Enjoy the day!