Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well I am thru the 11th annual Art show and Sale. The awards reception was just lovely. There were about 60 persons in attendance. Each student got to choose an art book in their personal favorite media or a bound sketch book for their prize. There were award ribbons and certificates of appreciation. The students gifted me with gorgeous vase of flowers.

One student made me the most creative flower pot that said LOOKATTHECOLORS all around the top. In it was a miniature white rose.

I looked out the other day and the Post Man was delivering a big package to my mail box.
Whoopie-De-Dee Whow Whow the package was from Stephanie Haussler at pixiebug .
On the outside were seven count them 7 stamps with Gregory Peck (swoon) Most of you probably don’t know who that was. Well I can tell you was hunk back in the day. Smiles

Inside were 17 little packages of the most gorgeous beads. I’m saying lots of yummy lampwork beads, piles and piles of beads of all kind, crystals, ceramic, semi precious stones ,on top was the most precious one and half inch smiling gnome, made by Chris, her husband.

Inside was a Fairy Tale with a list of all the beads and what they represented.

Oh, Oh and there were the most darling little frogs

I have spent the week trying to make a satisfying design. The first one was such a disaster that I did not even bother to photograph it. The second one did not work so I disassembled it so onward we must go.

Stay tuned until the reveal I am still in design mode;
One of my students, Nova Wells, is a widely published gemology. She understands my fascination with jewelry design; she brought several finished stones on Friday to show me. I wanted to buy all of them but, she didn’t want to sale all of them as she is working toward a show in the fall. But I did purchase two. One is called Amazonite, the other is Rhodenite. She has polished them to a high gloss shine they are just lovely and I can’t wait to make some interesting design.

The Renaissance Bead Fair is this week-end, but my daughter and I decided not to go as we both have enough. I have many pieces already finished that I have not even posted as yet, and I have yet so much design work to do with my copper anyway.
Be Blessed

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  1. Hi Sandy
    The artists' reception looked like a wonderful event...what a great grand prize too! I love the crayon flower pot....hmm, may want to try that here with the kids! Wouldn't it be a great place to store not just plants but markers and crayons too?
    Well Stephanie sure sent you a treasure trove!!! Just look at all of those beads!! I especially love her little sculpted beads - I'm truly impressed! Have fun working with your new beads and copper over the weekend!