Monday, November 7, 2011


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We had wonderful week-end. The weather was perfect for travel. My husband and I took a little road trip to East Texas to visit my brother and his wife.

They retired from far west Texas

to far east Texas. On 260 acres they call “The Land” My brother has found a little natural spring on “The Land”. Well that gave my husband the queue to build a ram pump that pumps water up stream
He and my brother acted like little 6 year olds were so excited to go play in the water. It took all week-end to work out the kinks. It was pumping 180 gallons an hour when we left.
Mean while my sister –in-love and I made clay beads (which I failed to get home with). We went into town and purchased towels for her to monogram for my son, who is getting married the 19th. And just general girl things.

We went for a really long drive trying to find the Extension Club President’s house way out in the country.

My sister-in-love did some club work and needed to get it to the Presidents house before she went out of town. I know this post is so boring. I will close without further a due.
Be blessed to be a blessing.

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  1. What a wonderful time with your Brother and SIL in TX! It sounds like you created some wonderful new memories - thanks for sharing the pictures.
    I LOVE the monogrammed towels as a gift for your son's upcoming wedding. So useful and sentimental at the same time. My favorite gifts to give and receive are the personalized ones. :-)