Friday, December 4, 2009

Buttons Buttons Who 's Got The Buttons

Me! There is always someone bringing stuff to donate to the Senior Center where I teach. Some of you are familiar with process, cast offs. Well, today someone brought ribbons, lace,floral supplies and a jar of buttons. I dibbed them, you know put the make on them :>)
We, my class and I, had great fun over who got the jar of buttons . I plan to make jewlery, broaches, and the like. I may also make little dolls. Once some time ago my daughter ask "Mommy when you die can I have your buttons" :>)

I got the laugh of my life this morning. My brother and his wife came to give me a greeting card (they were in the area). On the front of the card was a picture of Roseanna banana, and on the front it said"SO" you open the card and a recording began to say " I'm depressed, I have a headache, my ankles are swollen, I'm, consitpated, my gums are bleeding, my sinus' are swollen , and I have gas.
Well I just roared :>) The message read, "When someone asks you how are after your surgery, give them this card."
Today was my last class, probably until February (knee surgery on Monday). I will really miss the laughter. We have the greatest fun. We also have some really good artist. Be Blessed

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